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Chapter 7

“We have good news your pa has died?” I began to read from the script again it is against the advice of the editor never lean down and always look into the audience but I could not remember my lines.

“Has he and which one?”

“How many fathers do you have?”

“How many did my mother shag?”

“I am a maid’s daughter.” I said delicately.

“Nothing at all we have been ill behaved we should have seen how good he was.”

I am not marooned on a deserted island with him Jack the lad and there is nothing the real meaning is but being something that is no longer in use which means that there is the rejected and the damned, the things which people call failures are the very beasts who make life. The failures are the roots which say there is nothing but failed. I am nothing to do with the worst people in the world. They speak and sparkle they seek to find themselves and they do not know that by finding themselves they will destroy them whom they had loved. I sought to find myself too. I seek it still there is still born romances and the romantics who say the true meaning of being a born-again woman is to find someone else in one’s bed asleep comforted and comfortable and not inside the house anymore but out looking at the world in some spectacles which are now cloudy.

The evil bastards called the family came knocking on the door the moment he left fled from me. Because I am nothing in sight but somehow this little Miss who got it out the man fled and she now up for grabs and must be done and had otherwise what would it mean the social hierarchy?

The aunties and the uncles came up with solutions to my problems and it had to be done pronto otherwise he might return.

“It is nothing but the thing is he is English a Christian not us.”

And his people said the same his friends said she not worthy she not us she washes dishes she is not like her your engaging partner.

“Look at such a beauty as that is why is she nothing to look at grab her Charles before she escapes and becomes someone else’s.”

“Such encouragement? “He must have thought he spoilt for choice.

I made him coffee and waited for him to choose when he chooses her, I did not interfere but went out like a light and there it was came back in some disorder had had the attack and there is nothing the matter with it now’?

“I have issues anger issues.”

“They tried to kill me.”

“He was choosing the her over me the wrong thing to do.”

“Fetch dog.” she would speak about him the dog he a dog chose wrong.

Such a charming woman I thought there is nothing the matter with her is there? Look how she turns women and men on and is constantly giggling as if the world is so humorous. Eventually the life went out of me and crept inside them.

You see if they had a moment of indecision there might have been less unhappiness but he did not say let me see let me in. I could not family into incest father would not have only raped me but he would have been cheered on while he did so.

“You speak the truth?”

“Nothing but the truth your honour.”

“This is a catalogue of bad behaviour?”

“It is indeed.” I smile and someone whispers quietly at somebody else and my time is being curtailed.

What did I do wrong but this other man said he had puzzles and worthy jokes and did not brood on serious issues and tenses mixed up and tensions which were not right?

I did not only see his point of view as he went to get his script had someone lock the door after him.

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