Arena 12

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There were fifty more days. Fifty more days until her best friend would be killed. The clock was ticking, and she needed help, fast... In a place many years after Earth was forgotten, Skipper Ukimatah lives in a world where rules are key, and everyone needs to be just perfect. No one is allowed to mess up, or they end up in Arena 12. Still worried she isn't fitting in while in Arena 12, she worries even more for the Scopeton, which will tell her what the rest of life will end up like for her. She'll be moved to a new society and away from the family, she lives in now. But once she is assigned a Life, Skipper isn't sure she wants to follow it, and the reality of Arena comes into her eyes. Given #191, she knows that she'll still have a second chance, though, for her friend, #2290, she only has fifty days. And Skipper has a plan to get her brothers out, her friend out, and prove to everyone that They are the ones controlling.

Mystery / Adventure
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Chapter 1

-November 5th, 2018

-Arena 12

--Present Time - Moment Unknown

The large man carried her in the cell, shutting the door tight behind her. She fell on the ground, feeling its cold floor and the dark walls surrounding it. The only thing you could see is YOU MESSED UP. And she knew that she did, she knew she was the reason why she was here. Why all of them were here.

In this world, everyone had to be perfect. She had to be perfect, her brothers had to be perfect, and her best friends had to be perfect. The floor of the room was cold, but the darkness was more than just what the room’s temperature was. Her skin was filled with goosebumps, and the hair she forgot to get rid of on the back of her neck began to sit up. She wanted to look around the room, but knew there would be no use to any of it at all. She was stuck here. Stuck until she could learn to fix her “mistakes.”

But she wouldn’t fix her mistakes. She knew that there was nothing wrong with what she did.

They were the ones who were wrong.

They messed up everyone.

But no one knew who they really were. Or what they’re capable of.

But she knew, and she knew that as long as she pretended to follow their rules, and listen to everything they say, she’d get out of here. And she’d tell Arena that all of them are completely wrong.

No one talked about Arena 12, it was the one Arena people knew not to bring up. Everyone knew what was allowed and what was not.

And she was done with all of it.

Her brothers were stuck in cells 39-42, sitting in their room acting like they would never get out of here, because all of them knew there were different punishments for the males. Males receive more punishment, because that was the plan Arena had. The men were punished for being wrong, while the women would get ½ of the punishment.

But there was nothing she could do about all of it. She still didn’t even know what her name was yet, they erased it from her memory. Now, she was #919. Her brothers were #12, 229, 383, and 999. She knew that these were all good things, because none of them had only three digits in their names, so they still had a chance to make sure they’d survive.

Arena 12 will not be her home. She will find out how to learn her name again, and she will not wait for anyone to tell her no.

Twenty-three days until the first exam. Twenty days until they start pushing them (males more than females). Ten days until they would pressure them to be better, and one day until all of the training begins.

Her best friend, #2290, had only fifty days compared to the rest of them. Her “mistake” is not accepted, and soon she won’t be any more. Fifty days, and she would make sure all of them made it out.

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