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Not for the meek of heart

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Does one that is meek always mean that they are always good? Does following "orders" always keep you safe? Do you cut corner or come with a silver spoon in your mouth and think you're untouchable?

Mystery / Thriller
Ms Insomnipotant
Age Rating:

Not for the meek

I hear the door open from the side,occupying by two sets of foot steps.One was a heavy footed person,a man most likely.The other was the undeniable sound of high heels.I normally would expected that to be of a woman but after last night...I'd expected anything.I let out a long sigh. "You're here for the same thing they were I guess?" I said as I limply pointed my finger to a pile of bodies."We are." said a man with a heavy accent, I couldn't place it at the moment. "Did you kill them?" he said gruffly. I looked down at my hands...they were covered in blood."Why does it matter,nobody would believe me..."The man took a step forward."I highly advise you not come any closer sir." I said bluntly. "Why not huh? You going to kill me?" he scoffed. I let out another sigh. "You know...they were goddamn fools." I said. "Those were good people!" said the man loudly.The roof and walls creaked a little to that."I'd be quiet if I were you." I said plainly.My eyes darted to the window in front of me.To my dismay the sun was setting. "You all best go before it gets dark if you know what's best for your sake." I said as I started to stand up."HOLD IT!" shouted the man.I heard the clicking of him turning the safety off his gun."It's not me you should be pointing that at...but then again it don't matter no more,it won't be long now." I said and stand up straight."Talk or I'll start putting bullets in you!" he yelled.Again the walls shook but this time a gust of wind blew down the hallway."It's best you leave before you end up like them." I muttered out the words.I knew no matter what I said mattered to them. "Why did you do it?" he asked in a harsh tone."Do you truly think I did this?" I slightly chuckled."Something funny?!" he roared and with it came down some debris from the roof. "You're in way over your head...just leave while you still can you damn fool." I said and took a step towards the window. "FREEZE OR I SHOOT!" he yelled.I let my head fall down to my chest and again took a step.Bang.I felt my left leg tingle as a bullet ripped through the muscle and bone."I warned you!" he yelled.I could smell it coming now..."Run..." I said and took another step.Another crack rang out in the night.My right leg this time had been hit.I looked down to see a small hole in it by my knee."Why...where is..." the man stuttered. The house shook violently around us and I lifted my head, then turned to face the man. "I told you,you should've ran when you had the chance...now it's too late." I said and looked at the other person.It was not what I expected but fitting for the company. "They run out of your brethren?" I said sadly. A nod."What the hell are you talking about?!" said the man,clearly in a panic. "Well I guess you'll see soon,you did come here for answers right?" I said.He looked at me with confusion. "I said you should've ran...I said you and them over there were goddamn fools,I told you to be quiet." I growled at him.At that moment a loud scream rang out in the night's air.The man fell to his knees holding his ears.I briskly walked over to him and yanked his head back by his hair. He quickly put the gun under my chin and shot.The tingle of the hot metal going through me once more only gave me pause. I slowly adjusted my head and looked down at the man.His face was in utter fear and shock.I licked my mouth where the bullet went in and smiled."I told you,you were in way... over... your... head." I said in a mocking tone. The man's face turned white and he tried to escape my grasp."What's the rush? you came here to get answers didn't you? It'd be terribly rude to leave with nothing but a story nobody would believe now wouldn't it?"He stopped squirming. "Oh,or worse you could go back to your order and tell a tale of bullshit and you may have some of the fools there that will fall for it,but you have others that know...much better." I said and smiled up at the other,they nodded. "A liar is a spider and you can only spin a web so far before you get caught in it,or in this case you had these fools call the last person's story as fake and came to see themselves." I said and let out a loud laugh."LOOK WHERE THAT GOT THEM!" I roared in laughter.I let the man go and bent over with laughter.He emptied his gun clip into me.The bullets all passed through me only to send tickles all over me."How is this even possible!" he yelled.I slowly stood up and adjusted my body and pulled the few bullets out of me that got stuck.I picked out the ones in my rib cage,knee and last my head.He watched in disbelief and fell down and scooted across the floor and ended up against the wall.I started to grin as I started to advance towards him.He started to cry and beg me to stop,not to kill him,the usual run of bullshit one is begged with in these cases."SILENCE FOOL!" I yelled.There was a creak in the hallway."Please,I'll do whatever you want,you can have anything you want just please don't kill me!" he begged sobbing now.I tilted my head and leaned over to my right and looked down at him still grinning."Oh,but you already gave me what I wanted now it's up to them." I said and pointed at the hallway. "Them....them who?" he said faintly."Why don't you have a look,it is over all what brought you here tonight." I said grinning ear to ear.He slowly turned his head...and screamed.His scream was intoxicating as he tried so hard to get up and run.My grin turned to a sadistic laughter as I watched him try to get out of the room."Try the window!" I said laughing. He pushed me over as he ran by and I turned in time to see him attempt to jump out the window just to be yanked back by the ankle. The pull had been just enough to cause him to fall with full force onto the ground face first.I heard the delightful sound of bones break and teeth crack as he slammed down onto the floor.Blood spilled out of his mouth and dripped down the side of his face. I stood over him and smelled the heavenly scent of pure fear and soon...death.He clumsily rolled over onto his back and stared at the person he'd come in with.They never moved."What are you?" he asked through strained breaths. I bent down and clutched his shirt and brought him face to face with me."This is the part where I'd say something cheesy like, I'm you're worst nightmare or something cliche,but in all truth...I'm just the messenger." I said and let him fall down."I am brought the meek to see if they are up to the order's true at hand tasks." I said and pointed over at the pile behind us."They...didn't make the cut as you can see." I chuckled. He looked up at me with anger now."I don't know what the fuck you are,but I WILL kill you!" he yelled and he withdrew a knife and stabbed me in the throat.The blade went straight through and the tingle tickled me.I grinned down at him and grabbed the knife.I slowly pulled it out just enough so I could talk."Haven't you heard of the phrase,don't shoot the messenger?" I said with a choked laugh. "Enough."The other person waved their hand and I nodded.I pulled the blade out and tossed it next to him and sat back down where I was when they got here."Your job is done." they said.The man looked at them confused and then in horror."Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth." they said.The other picked up the man's knife and cut his coat open and once more the house creaked. "Meekness is not weakness. Sometimes we confuse the two. But the difference between a meek person and weak person is this: a weak person can't do anything. A meek person, on the other hand, can do something but chooses not to." they said.A howl rang out in the night and it was time.They stood up and nodded at me."Till we meet again." they said and walked out.The man started screaming and begging for them to come back. The room grew cold.The man's breathes got raspy and you could see the vapors from it."You should've listened you...god...damn...fool." I said.He slowly turned to me."You're the devil!" he said in horror and tried to roll away.I grinned. "Please...like I said I am just the messenger,but you will soon meet the shepherd." I smiled. "No...no, NO THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE!" he screamed and tried to get up.In his state of terror and being beaten morally and mortality he stood no chance.The room shifted and then it came.The house creaked and in it came cold and dark as before."No..." the man begged and cried as he slumped down."Did you have any idea what you truly signed up for?" I asked."What?" he said confused and scared, staring at his maker came at him nice and slow. "Your order never told you what we are,or did you not care to listen?" I asked in a serious tone. "I...I...I may have not listened to it all." he stuttered out I chuckled. "Oh, how I do love you fools and almost pity you." I said and closed my eyes.The man screamed one last time.There was the sound of his neck breaking and the sweet smell of fresh blood flooded the air. "Finish the rest and wait for me to come again." they said.I nodded and cleaned up the mess with joy and afterwards I was once again...alone with nothing by my thoughts. Bound to this cabin for all time to carry out the order's word and their work.The temperature went back to normal and I felt dizzy and fell to the floor.
It was close to sundown when two people came into the room.I heard two sets of foot steps.One was of a clicking of a fancy dress shoe with a buckle,the other was an...undeniable sound of high heels. I lifted up my head and greeted them with a smile."You're here for the same thing they were I guess?" I said as I pointed my finger to a pile of bodies.The fancy dressed shoed person was a man.He didn't respond.He did bend down and checked the bodies and then came over to me.He looked deep into me eyes as if looking for my soul.After a long hard stare he blinked and gave me a slight wink and smile. "Everything seems fine here,shall we grab a cup of joe before heading back?" he said smugly.I couldn't help but laugh when the house creaked.

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