Responsibility Book 26

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I was shocked to see Yazu, the last time I’d seen her was the night I said goodbye to her. Damin travels to see Rave and Avery because they are having issues with Josh not taking his turning well. Despite having not lost control, he will not consume blood. They fear he will eventually lose control and go on a rampage where he could kill both them and humans. Josh seems to calm down around Yazu despite not being willing to consume blood, what is their history? Can she be the cure to getting him to drink blood and not lose control? Raymond gets lab results on the body found on Highway 95, they are unable to confirm an identity, making her a Jane Doe but they can tell some interesting things from the contents of her bones. What secrets lie inside her bones and who was she really?

Mystery / Fantasy
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Chapter 1





I went to Edward’s house to try and reason with Josh.

When I arrived a small, black-haired girl answered the door. This must have been Yazu, the girl Rave and Avery had saved from being killed by his parents.

“Damin,” I offered.

She squinted at me in the sunlight.

Rave appeared behind her.

“Hey,” he replied. “It’s okay, Yazu.”

Despite Rave being a vampire he looked tired, dark circles under his eyes.

Yazu backed away and disappeared. Rave led me to the bedroom Josh was tied up in to keep from harming others and himself.

He glared at me and Rave when we entered.

“They’re monsters and so am I. Just kill me already!” he shouted.

“He hasn’t lost control, yet? How many days has it been?” I ask.

“A little over a week,” Rave replied. “We leave blood with him but he doesn’t drink it.”

“I am not going to enable your sick habits!” he shouts at Rave. “Your friend turned me! Damin should be killing them. They made another blood-thirsty parasite.”

“You’re not a parasite unless you choose to lose control. They’re not hurting anyone. But you will if you don’t drink blood,” I start.

“Drinking blood is what makes them monsters, they are not normal,” he continues.

“How’s Avery?” I ask.

“They were shaken, they’re doing okay now,” Rave replies.

“I’m sorry they had to do this,” I apologize.

“Why are you apologizing to them? They’re monsters! They turned me!” he exclaims.

“You know why they turned you? Because you tried to kill them,” I explain. “Wouldn’t you try to defend yourself if someone tried to kill you?” I answer.

A knock came at the doorway. It was Yazu with a cup of blood.

“You can try, Yazu but I highly doubt he’ll drink it,” Rave commented.

“I didn’t want to drink it either when I was first turned,” she reasoned.

“Yeah, but it only took a few hours for us to get you to do it. It’s been almost a week and we haven’t been able to get him to drink it, yet,” Rave replies.

Yazu enters and crouches beside the bed with the cup of blood. Josh just stares at her silently which is an odd reaction considering he just called Rave and Avery monsters and tried to kill them.

“You have to drink it or they’ll have to kill you, you know this. Do you really want to die?” Yazu tried.

But Josh just stared.

“Force won’t work. We’ll leave it here with him and see if he drinks it,” Yazu replies.

Yazu leaves placing the cup on a bedside table.

Yazu might be the key to getting Josh to drink the blood, his response to her was surprisingly calm and quiet.

I and Rave leave the room.

“Why didn’t he call her a monster?” I ask.

“Apparently, before Josh became a hunter, they knew each other. They used to be good friends. But as all hunters do, they distance themselves so people don’t get hurt. He broke her heart, I think he feels guilty that she was turned,” Rave answers. “He might still see her as human and he might have feelings for her. I think he doesn’t want to hurt her more than she already is, that might be why he doesn’t call her a monster.”

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