Responsibility Book 26

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Chapter 2





Avery had insisted on staying home when I went to greet Damin at Edward’s house but I didn’t want to leave them alone.

Yazu had been surprised when Lock carried Josh inside Edward’s house, just turned. Her presence made him calm. He had tried to escape multiple times to take both her life and his own. But Yazu stopped him.

“I’m not a monster. You could have warned me about them but you left me, alone. I don’t want to die, either,” she informed him, and since she was drinking blood her strength was more powerful than Josh’s who was blood-deprived and tired from fighting. She dragged him back to the bedroom and tied him up again and removed all the sharp objects he could use to cut the ropes with from the room. He hadn’t tried again after that incident but he hadn’t drunk any blood either.

Avery was sitting in the living room with Edward. Avery had been quiet and hadn’t gone near the room Josh was in.

“You okay?” I ask sitting down beside them.

“Yeah,” they replied flatly.

“I’m sorry about Josh,” Damin approached cautiously.

“It’s not your fault,” Avery answered.

“He shouldn’t have attacked you and you shouldn’t have had to turn him,” Damin exclaimed.

“But I did,” Avery continued.

If Avery hadn’t wanted to protect me or Lock they might not have had to though, but it was Avery’s hunter sense, protect others before yourself and now Josh was a vampire.

“I think Yazu should keep trying, she might be our only chance,” Damin continued.

“He just feels guilty for leaving me, it won’t make him change his beliefs about monsters around,” she comments.

“But he knows you. He can see that you’re the same person you were before. That you’re not a monster,” Damin reasons.

Josh had also broken her heart and she hadn’t expected to see him again. People normally wanted distance after their hearts are broken. She had said that was two years ago.

“We’ll do what we can, if he won’t cooperate we’ll have to kill him,” I answer. “Sorry, Yazu. Those are our options.”

“I know, it’s not like he’ll…” she trails off. “I know, if he doesn’t drink blood, he’ll become a monster.”

I didn’t want to think about losing Avery, I might have only known them for a couple of months and I already had almost lost them multiple times.

My mother and father were lucky to have lasted as long as they did, unlike Ava and Lane. Damin had lost so much, his parents and brother, then he gained his brother back and lost Tom. He’d found Kate and Raymond and made other friends and companions, luckily.

I think, in a way, Damin had just become used to losing people, most hunters did. It was part of life as a hunter. But Yazu wasn’t a hunter, up until about a month ago she had been human and the only thing she had to worry about was illness and injury, in terms of death. Damin shouldn’t have put those expectations on Yazu and just thrown her into the room with the guy that broke her heart and who we might have to kill.

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