Responsibility Book 26

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Chapter 3





The lab had tested the other body we found on Highway 95 and found that it was a female who had recently been pregnant between the ages of twenty-seven and thirty-five. She wasn’t from the area because a facial reconstruction had been done and missing person’s photos had gone up around the city. Nobody had recognized her even after the news coverage went statewide. She was a Jane Doe and so was the Missing Highway Bone Baby as the media had dubbed the stolen skeleton of Molly.

The police found it weird that only Molly’s bones had been taken if it was the murderer coming back to keep the police from finding anything out, but why would anybody else take them?

DNA had been taken from both the Jane Doe and her womb to compare to the family of the Doe and the baby’s father who was more likely than not the killer. There were no matches in the criminal DNA database so he wasn’t a repeat offender. The lab was running tests to see what area she could have possibly come from but that would take a few weeks to come back.

The suspected woman, Ivy Clemet had been released and suspicions dropped. They had had the funeral a couple of days ago, she had invited me after finding out I was the one who had provided the investigators with the evidence that she was innocent.

“We want justice against the right people, you had no motive to kill your husband,” I told her. “It made sense to check for alibis.”

Damin was currently borrowing the Volvo again for a trip to Marksville to visit Avery and Rave. He’d left in a hurry saying he might be gone for a week or two. He’d called when he arrived in Marksville and texted me every day to assure Kate more so than me that he was alright. At least he was legally driving now so he could only get ticketed and not charged with underage driving by himself. Cause if he had been caught it would have gone on my record too because it was my car and he was my responsibility.

We were invited to John’s wedding in a couple of weeks. Art had invited us. Hopefully, Damin would be home by then, John tried to hide his and Art’s relationship around him but Damin knew. Damin didn’t care, there were more important things than who John was getting married to for him.

Kate had developed this pacing thing she did when Damin was gone, she was worried.

“He’s my nephew, am I not supposed to worry about him?” she questioned.

“No, but you know he’d just ditch you if you went with him. He’s protecting you, Danon and others. Ava and Lane wouldn’t be happy about it but they’d be proud,” I replied.

Danon was over at a friend’s house.

She sat down beside me and leaned her head on my shoulder.

Kate constantly worried about both of us and rightly so with our jobs. My job didn’t constantly involve hunting down monsters, though. I spent most of my time at crime scenes and in labs.

“He’ll be fine,” I whisper and kiss her forehead.

“I hope so,” she replies.

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