Responsibility Book 26

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Chapter 4





I was shocked to see Yazu, the last time I’d seen her was the night I said goodbye to her.

“Josh, don’t leave me, please, I love you,” she pleaded.

“It’s not safe for you to be with me,” I reasoned. “I have to.”

“No, you don’t. Josh, we can get new identities, we can hide,” she tries.

“That’s not how this works, that won’t help, they’ll find us,” I exclaim.

“Who is they? You’ve never even told me what you’re running from,” she replies.

“I can’t…” I whisper. “You’d think I was crazy if I told you.”

“Josh, I love you. Just tell me, please,” she begs.

“I’m sorry, I can’t,” I replied picking up my belongings and leaving.

I walked out and left her, alone. It broke her heart and it broke mine. But I thought she’d be safe. It was stupid thinking she’d be safe if I left and wasn’t around her. Or that she didn’t know about monsters.

Now she was a vampire, if I had stayed with her I could have protected her. I turn my head to the cup of blood. I could feel my thirst.

“If you don’t drink it we’ll have to kill you,” she echoes.

Her eyes turned glassy for a second before she pulled the tears back. I was hurting her again.

If Rave’s friend had never turned me, I wouldn’t have had to hurt her again. I wouldn’t have known she’d been turned either though. She would have been alone. Edward seemed nice, I was glad he took her in after she was turned instead of killing her.

It made me conflicted. I thought Rave deserved to be dead but not Yazu. Maybe it was because I loved her. I was weak. Rave’s parents hadn’t killed him because they were weak. We all deserved to be dead for the safety of others.

Yazu appeared in the doorway. She crossed her arms and signed when she saw the full blood cup.

“I don’t want to have to watch them kill you, Josh,” she tried.

“We’re monsters, we kill people,” I try.

“I haven’t killed anyone, Josh. I drink blood from donors. Like everyone has told you, what if I was in a car accident and needed a blood transfusion? Would you have said no?” she reasoned.

I stayed silent. I wouldn’t have, because I didn’t want her to die. I loved her.

“No, no one would say no. Because it would mean death. Josh, I love you but I am not going to watch you become a monster because you think drinking blood makes you a monster,” she continues.

“Josh, please. It was bad enough you left me. Don’t kill yourself, you’re not a monster if you do this, I understand you’re trying to protect people but Rave and Avery have saved lots of people since they’ve been turned, they saved me from being killed, they saved those kids,” she keeps trying.

I know she has a point. I’m just scared to accept it.

“What if I lose control?” I murmur.

“You won’t if you drink blood regularly,” she tries seeing an opening. “If you do, we can always lock you up again.”

I glance back at the cup of blood.

“I’m sorry,” I continue. “I should have stayed with you.”

“No, no blaming yourself. That’s what everyone in this dreary house does. I’m sick of it. Avery feels guilty about turning you, Damin feels guilty about you attacking Avery. I was turned, there’s nothing you can do about it, the vampire who turned me is dead and personally, I don’t want revenge. I’d like to move on, get my life back on track,” she replies.

“Is part of the track me?” I ask.

I wouldn’t blame her if she said no.

“That’s up to you. Are you going to live life as a vampire or are you going to become a monster who we have to kill?” she offers.

“It’s kind of hard to drink blood when your hands are tied,” I reply.

“Promise not to try and kill us again?” she questions.

“Promise,” I reply.

She cuts the ropes.

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