Responsibility Book 26

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Chapter 5





We heard a commotion in Josh’s room. I and Damin rushed over. Josh was holding Yazu, he had a piece of glass in his hand from the shattered window in the room and the cup of blood was empty. Josh was trying to slice her throat with the giant glass shard but she was healing faster than he could cut.

Yazu was struggling.

Josh saw us and bared his teeth. I couldn’t tell if he had lost control or if he still had sense. I took a step toward him but with his speed and the fresh blood in his system, he sped past me almost knocking me over. I chased after him, knowing he was probably heading for the kitchen that had knives in it.

I caught him but he slammed me into the fridge. Edward came in wielding an axe. It would be worse if he got a hold of that. I pushed him back with all my strength. But a newly turned vampire is always stronger because they don’t know how to control themselves. He pushed me off of him and went for Edward.

He grabbed the axe from his hands and was gone again.

I bolted after him and followed him back to the bedroom. Yazu had recovered and Damin was trying to help her. When Damin saw Josh, he stood in front of Yazu.

“Get out of the way,” he growled.

“No, I’m the only thing that’s keeping Yazu alive right now. You don’t really want to kill her. You love her,” he tries.

He speeds forward knocking Damin aside.

“We’re monsters, we deserve death,” he curses.

I sped forward and caught the axe as he swung at Yazu.

I looked at Yazu.

“Kill him, you heard him, he deserves it,” she mutters through tears.

“I’m keeping you from killing people,” Josh yells.

I hesitate.

“He’s just going to try and kill us again,” she pleads.

Finally, she sped up to me grabbed the axe and decapitated him herself.

She fell to her knees and started crying, axe still in hands.

His head bounced and hit a wall.

Edward entered and knelt beside Yazu to comfort her. Josh’s blood splattered the floor and wall. Edward would have a difficult time cleaning up after this.

“He broke it,” Yazu started murmuring.

“It’s okay,” Edward whispered.

Damin got up, Edward handed Yazu off to him and Damin led her out of the room.

“You go, I’ll clean this up. If you don’t mind, I think Yazu should stay with you and Avery or somewhere other than here, it might bring bad memories back,” he suggests quietly.

“I don’t know if that’s the best thing since Avery turned him. I’ll see if my parents will let her stay with them,” I reply.

“Make sure she’s safe there. Josh already tried to kill her,” he added.

“I will,” I reply.

I left the room and found Yazu sitting on the couch wrapped up crying, Damin was trying to calm her.

“If you like Yazu, you can either come stay with us or my parents,” I offer her both choices because I don’t know how my parents will feel having a vampire around Leslie.

“I’ll stay with you, your parents aren’t the fondest of me,” she replies sarcastically.

I glance at Avery but don’t notice any uncomfortableness about this.

Maybe Yazu doesn’t blame Avery for turning him.

The End

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