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“John, what did you do? I just saw Astra outside. What did you sell to Nergal? How many years?” Chaz asked grabbing my shoulders. Art and John's wedding is just around the corner and John's guilt is affecting him. He finds out Art has invited some unexpected guests who might be surprised by Astra's presence. Art tries to ask something of John that he will find difficult to do. John has mixed feelings about others seeing him with Art and raising children. Art's family is coming for the first time in person. John connects with Art's mother well Art's worry about John's death settles in. What will be John's friends' reactions be when they find out he stole Astra's soul from Hell? Some of John's past will be dragged up along with brief back story of how John and Art met.

Mystery / Fantasy
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Chapter 1




I found out that Art also called Annie and invited her to the wedding, I didn’t expect her to come considering the last times we’d seen each other she’d shot me and exercised a demon from me. But I woke up to a voicemail from her.

“Hi, John. I know we haven’t seen each other in over eight years but I’m happy that you found someone, I’m still down in Mexico, repenting, I know Astra would be happy for you, I’ll be there tomorrow, good luck, bye,” she left.

Art didn’t tell her about Astra being saved, it would be a big surprise to everyone to see her when they arrived especially if Art hadn’t told any of them.

I was becoming nervous, it was probably my mind guilt tripping me into thinking I didn’t deserve this again. I didn’t tell Art, I was going through with it both because I loved him and because Astra and Day needed someone when I died in seven years.

Chaz had been living with his ex-wife again and his now teenage daughter. He’d stopped involving himself after a magician threatened the life of his daughter eight years ago. I’d respected his wishes.

Jasper Winters’ old cabin still existed but after Zed’s father’s men found it I decided it would be safer to only go there when I needed something. I’d put cloaking spells over it and other protection wards to keep intruders out.

Astra was dancing around holding Day who was now a couple of months old. He was smiling and he had a thin layer of wispy blond hair covering his head.

We were getting married at Danversport, it wasn’t my choice but it was beautiful there. I wanted Art to be happy and he’d always wanted to get married there even though I preferred dry land.

“You okay, John?” Art asks.

I smile.

“I’m great,” I reply.

“You’re concerned about something,” he tries.

“Art, please. I’m fine,” I assure him.

I got up and approached Art and placed my hands on his shoulders.

“I love you, okay?” I whisper.

He nodded.

“We’re going to get married and live happily and raise Astra and Day to be great people who hopefully will be able to live normal lives,” I continue.

“And you’re going to quit smoking, right?” he tries.

I sigh.

“You’re not only endangering your own health but Astra’s and Day’s, if not for your own sake, at least do it for them,” he pleads.

“I’ll try, but I won’t make any promises to you. I don’t want to disappoint you anymore than I already have, okay?” I answer.

“Promise me you’ll try, okay?” he questions.

“Art, I’m gonna bloody die in seven years whether or not I quit, okay? If you want I’ll leave the house to smoke so it doesn’t affect Astra or Day but I’m not making any promises I might not keep,” I exclaim.

I regretted it as soon as I yelled. We were getting married soon, fighting was supposed to be the last thing we were doing at this point.

“I’m scared, okay?” I admit. “I’m scared I’m gonna be a disappoint to your family, to Astra, to the friends I haven’t seen in years, that’s all I’ve ever done is hurt, fail and disappoint people, I might as well be a bloody parasite,” I explain.

“John, you’re not a parasite. I already told you, you’re not a disappointment, I love you. You’re not going be a disappointment to my family or your friends, you saved Astra and Day and you’re raising them. You’re more of a father than your own dad ever was,” he responded.

“You already know that your mother wouldn’t think of you that way either,” Art continued.

I looked up at Art.

“Zed told me that she had seen your mother when she exposed herself to the spirit world,” he explains. “She loved you John, and Day even if she didn’t get the chance to show you. You can’t keep blaming yourself for everything that goes wrong around you, New Castle might have been your fault because you were naïve but everything else…you’ve saved lots of lives, John. You didn’t disappoint those people.”

“If my family doesn’t like you, it’s not their place to say. I love you, and that’s all that matters,” he finishes.

“Try? Right?” he confirms.

“Yeah,” I replied nodding.

He kisses me on the cheek and goes to Astra and takes Day and hands him to me. He starts dancing with Astra. I smile and laugh.

One thing I know I won’t do, is regret loving or marring Art Weston.

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