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Chapter 3




I used to imagine what it would be like to lose Art and everyone else I knew every day because I’d thought it would always inevitably happen, now it seemed like I would die before most of them.

Would Day even remember me? Would he care who I was? I would never get to watch him grow up and see what he would become. I’d never get to give my little brother dating advice or celebrate his 21stbirthday with him when he could go get his first beer. I would never see those days with Astra, either.

I walked down the street and lit up a cigarette. I oddly spotted Damin walking. I thought Raymond had told him to stay inside because one of his colleagues was looking for him but I guess scaring him off worked.

“Hey, mate,” I called.

He looked up surprised to see me.

How many years did Damin have left till the demon he sold his soul to for his brother’s soul came? Five years? If sealing the Gates of Hell didn’t keep them from claiming his soul he would die before me.

“Aren’t you supposed to be preparing for your wedding?” he asks.

“Preparing for a wedding is stressful,” I comment. “How are you doing?”

“I wish people would stop asking me that. Raymond, Rave, you, sure Josh was my friend but he tried to kill Rave and Avery for the millionth time,” he replied annoyed.

“When people you know die others become concerned, it’s human nature,” I reply. “I told you, you didn’t have to come to the wedding if you weren’t up to it—”

“I’m coming, John. Hell knows if I don’t go, Raymond will just worry about me all night. And I kind of want to go. I’m sick of being stuck inside, especially since there haven’t been any monsters to hunt,” he interrupts.

“How are Rave and Avery doing?” I asked changing the subject.

“They’ve been staying at Raymond’s house with us. They’ll probably come to the wedding and then head home the next day,” he answers. “Yazu’s struggling with Josh’s loss.”

He didn’t consider Raymond’s house home. Where was home to him? Had he considered Tom’s house when he was living with him, home?

“The girl who was just turned? Is somebody watching her to make sure she doesn’t lose control?” I reply.

“Yeah, she’s staying there with us but I don’t think she’ll come,” he answers. “You should get back home.”

“See you tomorrow, mate,” I bid worried as he continues past my house down the street.

I drop my cigarette and step on it and watch as it smolders out and then walk back to the house.

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