Union Book 28

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Chapter 6




It was the day John and Art were getting married, I was rushing around trying to get Danon ready. Kate was getting dressed and Damin was sitting in his suit by the front door. Danon was complaining about the tightness of his shoes and Kate kept calling and asking where things were. I ran upstairs to help her find things, leaving Danon downstairs with Damin.

Once I helped Kate find her things we came back downstairs together to find Danon by himself.

“Where’s Damin?” I asked Danon assuming he went to the bathroom or kitchen.

“He left,” Danon answered pointing at the door.

Where had Damin gone?

I pulled out my phone and tried calling him but he didn’t answer.

If he hadn’t wanted to go he could have just told me and he could have just stayed here.

“What are we going to do? We’ll be late,” Kate questions.

“He probably just didn’t want to go, we’ll go, he’ll probably be fine,” I reply.

Kate picked Danon up, we walked out to the car and got in.

Rave, Avery, and Yazu had gotten a hotel for their last two days here, maybe Damin went to visit them or catch a ride with them. Hopefully, wherever he went he was okay.

We arrived at Danversport half an hour later well the caterers were setting up. Art was directing them.

John spotted us. He was dressed in a plain, black suit with a dark, grey tie. He made his way over to us.

“Where’s Damin?” he asked.

“He disappeared well we were getting ready, I don’t know where he went,” I answered.

John looked a little worried and unsure.

Art distracted him with a question about the table arrangements.

Art’s parents were milling around playing with Astra and Day. Another couple arrived with a small boy. Art’s family, most likely. Danon went to play with Astra and the young boy by the water’s edge. Kate and the boy’s mother who I learned was named Zerha went to watch them.

Another couple arrived soon with a teenage daughter. They came over and introduced themselves to me. The man’s name was Chaz and they were old friends of John’s. Art was holding Day.

“Who’s baby is Art holding?” Chaz asks.

“That’s Day, Astra’s outside, they’re—” I start.

“Astra?” Chaz asks interrupting.

“Yeah?” I reply.

He looked to his wife and then left to go talk to John.

It looked like he knew Astra.

Rave and Avery arrived soon and started talking to Chaz’s daughter.

I went over to ask them if they’d seen Damin.

“Have you see Damin?” I asked.

“No, why?” Rave asked.

“He left the house before we came here and we haven’t seen him since, I thought maybe he caught a ride with you and Avery,” I reply.

“No, we haven’t seen him today,” he continued.

I was beginning to worry about where he’d gone.

I called him again but he didn’t pick up.

I decided to try to set my worries aside, he was a young adult and responsible. He wasn’t defenseless either. If he was still missing and not picking up tomorrow I would worry.

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