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Chapter 7




“John, what did you do? I just saw Astra outside. What did you sell to Nergal? How many years?” Chaz asked grabbing my shoulders.

“Art, I’ll be back,” I reply and lead Chaz out of the tent the caterers were housing our food and gifts in.

“I traveled to Hell and stole her soul,” I reply. “I saved her.”

“John, do you know what they will do to you if they make it to the surface? Not only will they kill you but Art and that baby, too. They will make you suffer,” he urgently whispers.

“That baby is my brother, Denver brought him back to life. I had to get him away from Denver. I had to save her, I couldn’t leave her down there, being tortured by demons,” I tried.

“What if they find a way out of Hell?” he asks again.

“The Gates are closed, they can’t, you knew I felt guilty and that I would do anything to save her, now if you don’t mind I’d like to enjoy my wedding day because I’ll only have six anniversaries of it,” I replied grimly.

I walk off and light up a smoke under a pine tree, watching Astra play with Gavin and Danon. I wouldn’t live to see the 10thanniversary of me and Art being married. I was going to miss so much. So many birthdays, holidays, the kids’ graduations.

I sat down, sighing. Art and I were going to spend our honeymoon in Danversport, rent a boat and spend time on the lake. Astra and Day were staying for the first few days before we sent them back to Art’s house to stay with his parents well we enjoyed the last few days by ourselves.

At first, they were going to stay with us the entire time, but Art’s parents had offered to take care of them so we could have some alone time. I was worried something would happen well we were gone. At least if we were with them we could protect them.

I spotted Damin talking to Rave, Avery and Chaz’s daughter. She’d grown up a lot in the eight years since I’d seen her last.

Raymond said he’d left the house well they were getting ready and he hadn’t seen him since, I wonder where he went.

I spotted Annie walking toward me, my eyes dropped to the ground.

“Hey, John,” she greeted.

“Did you see her?” I ask nervously.

“Astra? Yeah, she looked happy, did you really steal her soul?” she replied.

“So, you’ve talked to Chaz, I disguised myself as a demon and another demon owed Art a favor, she made sure we got in and out without any worries,” I answer.

“So, how’d you meet the groom?” she asks jokingly.

“Are you implying I’m the bride?” I joke back. “We met on a witchcraft hunt, someone was using black magic and we both came to stop them,” I answer.

“And it was all puppy-love and rainbows from there?” she continues.

“No, I tried to keep him out and away as always but I found out he wasn’t straight by accident and I told him it didn’t matter to me. I continued to leave him out of my life but I ended up at his house one night after being shot. I patched myself up there and I was fine but I could see he was worried about me. I tried to keep my distance but I got fed up and ended up moving in with him and we eventually confessed we had feelings,” I explain.

“Puppy-love and rainbows,” she repeated.

“If you can call it that,” I laugh.

Art came over holding Day.

“Please be careful with the baby,” Annie warns. “One of the last times I saw you, you were threatening an infant’s life.”

“He’s my brother, and that was to distract a demon,” I defended.

“It’s nice to meet you, Annie,” Art greeted.

“You, too, Art,” she replied shaking his hand.

“Can you take care of him for a while, the priest will be here soon,” Art said handing Day off to me.

“Yeah, see you,” I replied.

Art went off.

“I never pictured you as a father. It’s cute,” she replies.

“That’s because we were fifteen and I wasn’t father material. I’m still not sure I am,” I answer cradling Day.

“So, this is your brother?” she continued.

“Twin,” I add.

“He looks like you,” she says smiling.

“Art said that when we saved him,” I reply looking after Art.

“You love him,” she acknowledged.

“No, I’m marrying him for the good of my health,” I reply sarcastically.

“How many years do you have left?” she asked grimly.

“Seven,” I answered looking down at Day.

“Does he know?” she asks.

“I told him after I rescued Astra,” I reply. “If I was going to die in Hell there would have been no point in telling him.”

“Who proposed?” she continues.

“Who do you think?” I reply.

“John, come on, it’s time,” I heard Art shout.

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