Union Book 28

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Chapter 9




I watched from the sidelines as the dance party started. I wasn’t much for dancing but I would dance with Art later.

“My Escape” by Ravenscode came on. I wrapped an arm around Art’s waist.

“You taught me to live each day, to live each day like it’s my last,” he whispers.

I smiled and placed my forehead against Art’s. I kissed his cheek.

We watched Art’s parents dance by us smiling.

Chaz’s daughter and one of Art’s nieces started singing along to “Love Myself” by Hailee Steinfeld when it came on next.

Finally, “Hold On” by Chord Overstreet came on. I pulled Art towards the center of the dance floor. We started slow dancing. As the first chorus started, I whispered, “I swear to love you all my life.”

We smiled at each other.

I took a ragged breath and nervously glanced down. My mind was going to dark places again, I’d love him all seven years I had left.

The song ended and I led Art off the dance floor to outside the dance hall.

“You okay?” he asked.

“I only have seven years left,” I mumbled.

“So? We’ll make the most of them,” he tried.

I didn’t deserve him. I would probably end up getting him killed like Chaz said.

“John, I love you, okay? I care about you. I want to be with you. I proposed to you. Don’t worry about my life being in danger, it’s in danger regardless because I’m a hunter. If I didn’t care, why would I be here?” Art continued.

I knew Art loved me, but he’d never really told me why or what he loved me for.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because you try to protect others despite the danger you’d put yourself in, because you’d sacrifice your life to save our two beautiful children who I love, because you deserve it, because you don’t betray people, because you trust and love me back, I could give you an endless amount of reasons, John,” he replies.

He hugged me.

“Do you still think you don’t deserve me?” he asked.

“That and I’m worried you’ll get hurt,” I reply quietly.

“I promised to look after Astra and Day after you’re gone, I love you, we both need and want each other,” he reasons.

“It doesn’t mean I won’t worry,” I continue.

“I know, but just stop feeling guilty for it, okay?” he pleads.

“I’ll try,” I reply.

I could only try, because whether or not I did I was leaving in seven years and we’d never see each other again till it was his time, that was if you believed in that sort of thing and I didn’t go to Hell because Art deserved to go to Heaven.

The End

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