The Man Who Took My Father

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The guy in the hoodie Took my dad, I will find him, well atleast one day. My mom didn't take it well my dad being gone, same way as me. I never seen my dad sense he checked on the guy in the hoodie. I miss my dad, I don't think he would aprove of how I've grown. I mean I don't think it is wrong to like girls. I was playing softball with my boys when max threw a ball and it hit a wall and a board fell down. I looked threw the door and wondered if my dad was kidnaped there. Well I should probably check.

Mystery / Horror
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Chapter 1

I wake up the same way I always did, Waking up because of a sound coming from outside. Everyday I always hear the same voice, the same scrape, The same Laugh. Dad and mom always said that it was my mind playing tricks on me, but I don’t think that is true. I wake up, but unlike all the other nights I opened the window and yelled “Stop! Let me rest for once, gosh can anyone get sleep over here” I wasn’t scared, I mean this I our property and who or whatever is out there can kiss my butt. All I saw was a man in a hoodie, I know it is a man because the way he laughs. He looks at me and that is when It sent shivers down my spine, what I saw can not be described, Every time I try to think back to that memory it gets clogged up and I forget. I stood there frozen In fear as he had a wide grin, ear to ear. I hurried and ran down to my mom and dad’s room and tried to wake them up before he left. I finally got them to wake up, I quickly ran to my room to check if he was still there, no doubt he was still there ginning at me. My parents looked through the window and had the same shocked face as I did. “TOLD YOU” I yelled, I see and hear this guy every night. My dad looked at mom and she nodded her head as if she heard him say something, can they read minds or something I don’t get it. Dad ran out of my room and grabbed an axe, My dad gave me a hug and a kiss and said goodbye. I didn’t understand at the time but now I know. I didn’t know what my dad was going to do with an axe, would he kill him? I saw my dad one second near him then the other everything went blank. My mom said the same thing, she saw dad a second and then everything went blank. Evanescence that incident I haven’t seen my dad sense. I miss my dad, I don’t know what happened, I have a feeling he is still alive.

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