Nightmare On Campus

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*ON HOLD* It was my second year of college. Last year felt like it was a breeze. I had everything, but now? Their is a psycho on the loose, and he's after me. Avery, age 21 had everything growing up. The big barbie house, a huge pink room, The newest car at 16, and she was the most popular girl in school. But what happens when a psycho is on the loose and targeting women who are similar to the girl he's obsessed with?

Mystery / Action
Audrey Croe
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Nightmare on Campus


Avery ran down the hallway as the man chased behind her. The gym lockers rattling as he banged against them shouting her name. She stumbled to get the breath into her lungs; worried that he was close behind her, she kept running and soon enough she was out of the gym running to the closest classroom and hiding.

She had two options to chose from and not a lot of time. She had the teacher’s desk to the left of the classroom facing toward the door but somewhat hidden and an open-ended cubby facing towards the windows away from the door.

She ultimately decided on the cubbies. As she was catching her breath the perpetrator walked into that same classroom and looked towards the teacher’s desk and each of the cabinets along the wall. She put her hand over her mouth and a stream of tears ran down her face.

“You think I can’t find you Avery? I know everything about you. I know your thoughts, the perfume you buy, your inner most, fears and your feelings.” You could hear his foots collide with the ground as he made his way toward the cubby, she was hiding in.

She closed her eyes and waited with bated breath hoping the perpetrator doesn’t find her.

He turned his head around the corner spotting Avery, “BOO!” he shouted. Avery opened her eyes and got out of the cubby as fast as she could, but she wasn’t fast enough to escape him again.

He stepped right in front of her blocking her from exiting “I’ve wanted to hurt you like you hurt me, I want you to feel the pain I felt.” The perpetrator said as he moved a strand of hair behind, he ear.

You could see her trembling looking in his eyes, not being able to see the man she once knew. She thought to herself, this wasn’t the man I once knew and it’s not that man I used to love.

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