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Kate Winslow - Book Six

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Kate is drawn into the knowledge of life from another planet while using her unique abilities in piecing together events which were unfolding. As suspected by Jillian the craft immediacy responded to Kates presence, and an energy field enveloped all those with physical contact with Kate. One moment they were standing outside the craft, and in an instant, less than the blink of an eye, Kate and Jillian and one other found themselves directly in the control section of the craft. There was a gasp of surprise and Kate took a few seconds to adjust as her mind opened levels of knowledge to her which had lain dormant for so many years. Kate slowly breathed in and held her breath and then removed the Jewellery and handed them over to her friend Jillian. “Here these should be with your kind, humans like me can use them, but they belong to your race, not mine.” Jillian accepted the items and put on the earrings and then with Kates permission removed the central piece from the broach and secured it to a fixing point on a premade head band and placed it in the central position of her forehead. There was a moment's apprehension as Kate felt energy leave her and transmit itself across to her friend, As the crafts consoles suddenly came to life, and a display was activated welcoming Jillian and her kind and opening to her a .......

Mystery / Thriller
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Chapter One.

Kate Winslow.

The king Rama-Talhowm Mystery.

Book 6.


The Kate Winslow mysteries are a selection of short stories, written in the character of the old Agatha Christy type novel and are intended for light reading.

Kate Winslow had recovered and life once more started to settle in Mid Norton Henge in Somerset, in the United Kingdom. Only not all was as peaceful as it first seemed. As an old professor friend from Egypt had arrived in London and he was undertaking a tour of his latest novel, and exhibiting the latest and strangest discoveries to date of the ancient Egyptian king known as Raa-Talhowm, and of the supposed curse associated with disturbing his resting place and of the removal of his guarded possessions.

Only king Raa-Talhowm was not like any other powerful leader ever found before. The relics for a start were created from the material, not of this world, and certain unidentified objects defied description and appeared to defy our technology and refused to reveal what lay beneath the unknown material which they were created with, nor at that as to their true purpose.

Kate had known professor Kingsley for most of her life, and even at one stage they had almost married, only Kingsley became married to his work, and they mutually went their own ways, yet kept in communication and remained the best of friends. Yet the very day Kate visited her old friend until one he was found dead only hours later, and Kate been one of the last known persons to have seen him, becomes a suspect in his murder.

As the museum staff carefully handled the various King Raa- Talhowm exhibits, the scene before them was becoming increasingly more interesting and even the experienced staff who were familiar with such exhibits were astonished at the beauty and quality of the artefacts which they were handling.

Strict instructions were given as to their treatment and method of display and ensuring that each item was treated with great care and given high respect, especially when it came to the Sarcophagus where it was rumoured the ancient kings remains still lay undisturbed.

Fifteen years ago, the renowned professor G Kingsley, had finally broken through into a previously undiscovered tomb and immediately it was rumoured to be complete and undisturbed, and as he was working in cooperation directly with the Egyptian cultural heritage department. The area was immediately protected, and the artefacts meticulously examined and removed for further examination and safekeeping.

An exact reproduction was created and set up for public viewing, only the genuine artefacts were causing a considerable interest, as it was quickly established that they were all made from material not of this world. Immediately a correlation was created with the King Tuts dagger, which was discovered to be made from a meteorite and having a strong extraterrestrial origin.

Only King Raa-Talhowm’s collection contained material to resemble ceramics and richly ornate enamelling, including precious and rare gems, and making the collection Egypt’s greatest ever discovery, and three years ago the cultural heritage department had finally agreed on allowing the respected professor Kingsley, to take a small quantity on a world tour, to generate interest and encourage tourism to Egypt, and to hopefully visit the museum where the reproduction of the entire tomb was exhibited.

Incredibly Kate Winslow had originally encouraged professor Kingsley and even partly financed his search for the elusive tomb, and used her contacts from family and friends to gain permission for the Kingsley expedition, and on the strength of Kates parents reputation and of a document from which Kingsley had learnt of, from a chance discovery, and of said rare document once lost in the vast archives of the great Oxford university.

Kingsley had come across the rare item purely by an accidental find, as it had been miss filed and lost in the process of time, at first various academics refused to believe in its authenticity, but Kingsley knew it could be real, and it was Kate Winslow who had believed in him, and at that time financed his expedition to locate this mysterious tomb.

Now all these years later Kingsley had invited Kate to an exclusive showing of these exhibits and with a chauffeured limo, to collect her from Mid Norton Henge in Somerset, and a full long weekend with all expenses trip to London and the museum and staying in an exclusive 5-star hotel.

Kate had seen many photos and even videos showing the full exhibition. Only seeing items up close and in person and been able under Kingsley’s oversight to actually handle such items was a rare privilege and vastly superior to simply viewing mere photos or videos.

Kate was astonished at the sheer beauty and incredibly intricate craftsmanship in creating these artefacts, especially at a time when such modern methods were apparently and reputedly not available to that time frame.

Kingsley smiled and could see the sheer enjoyment on Kates’ face, as her expression was one of joy and amazement. “Oh, these are truly wonderful,” said Kate, “And to think that even now the cultural scientists have still not established their origin or original purpose.”

Kingsley gave a gentle laugh, “I know Kate, it took over fifteen years before Egypt would even allow these few items to go on a world tour. The more intricate and presumably valuable items are still to this day under high security, and to date, no amount of technology has been able to ascertain what they are made from, or as to their purpose or at that if they contain any other material or advanced technology.”

Kate raised her eyes at that statement, Kingsley and she were the only ones in the immediate area, and although there was security discreetly observing them, they were basically alone from other human interruption.

“I should not really tell you this, but it is rumoured a small craft, not of this world was later discovered in a separate sealed section of the tomb, I do know just over nineteen months after I discovered the burial chamber the military appeared and there was great clandestineness over the subject.”

Kate surprised Kingsley, “Yes my contacts at the Egyptian embassy indicated that there had since been additional discoveries made and that they were working with the United States in some type of further research,” answered Kate.

It was Kinsley’s turn to raise his eyes in surprise, “It comes to something when you were informed above that of disclosure to even me,” said Kingsley, and apparently slightly annoyed at the disclosure of Kate’s knowledge. “You forget it was my family connection and money which enabled your expedition and my families’ connection with Egypt’s cultural heritage goes back at least five generations.”

Kingsley apologised and acknowledged his thanks to Kate for believing in him and having made this discovery possible. Kate wanted to view the Sarcophagus up close and knew her only chance of ever doing this was with Kingsley by her side and giving her this exclusive and personal tour.

As they entered the incredibly beautiful room displaying the Sarcophagus, Kate immediately saw what she was looking for, as some years previously to this moment, Kingsley had sent Kate a few detailed photographs which were later withdrawn and not made available to the public.

Kate closely examined the Sarcophagus, especially one area which had caught her interest, “Kingsley do you see this area here, to my eyes it resembles a section of the Pegasus galaxy, and is a representation of a cluster of stars, it is copied over there on one of those jars,” said Kate.

Kingsley looked at the section and had to view it from various angles before he agreed that Kate could be correct, however, he personally felt it was more a mathematical pattern.

Kate smiled, “Do you remember the pendant that my grandmother gave me,” asked Kate. Kingsley looked at her surprised at the question, “Yes it was beautiful and most unusual, why do you ask,” enquired Kingsley.

As Kingsley was speaking Kate undid her jacket and unpinned a rare and beautiful broach. “Well I had it made into a brooch and encased in gold, here see the pattern is like the markings on the jar and Sarcophagus,” replied Kate.

As Kingsley carefully lifted the item from Kates’ hands, he placed the broach against the jar, and immediately it illuminated, and a flicker of light appeared to momentarily transfer across into Kingsley. It had happened so fast that neither Kate nor Kingsley had consciously observed the interaction.

Later that evening when Kate was back in her hotel, there was a knock on her hotel room door, and as Kate opened the door, she was greeted by four police constables and one detective Granger from the Metropolitan Police Station.

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