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Kate Winslow - Book Six

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Chapter Two.

Inspector Simon Culvate had received a disturbing call from Kate asking for his help, and he, in turn, had contacted another of Kates relative’s, an Andrew Wilmott, the Chief Constable of Avon and Somerset.

The evidence relating to the reason why Kate Winslow had been arrested was reviewed, and found to be implausible at best, and the only real evidence the Metropolitan police had was a digital recording taken from the museum’s security clearly showing the late professor Kingsley giving Kate Winslow and exclusive personalised tour of the exhibits. And at one point in time the entire security recordings went blank for some seventy seconds, and then restarted as if nothing had happened.

Upon detailed examination, Kingsley was seen to lift something from Kates’ hand and examine it against a jar, from that moment forward the records went blank for some seventy seconds, and then resumed.

It was evident that Kingsley was well, and unfazed, talking fluently and with intelligent for some thirty-six minutes right up until Kate departed, she was seen kissing Kingsley upon the cheek and then being escorted from the museum and into a waiting limo.

Upon examining the evidence Andrew Wilmott, the Chief Constable of Avon and Somerset, had used his phone and spoke directly to a contact within the British Government, three hours and sixteen minutes later Kates solicitor had secured her immediate release and a representative from the Egyptian embassy was awaiting Kate to take her immediately to an undisclosed location.

As Kate was taken into the embassy, she was escorted to the lift and taken directly to the roof area where a military helicopter awaited her, and from there Kate was accompanied directly to an American military base.

After further interaction and transportation, Kate found herself entering a highly Top-Secret establishment, and been treated like royalty. “Miss Winslow please accept our deepest and most sincere apologies for the way the British Police treated you, I assure you that Detective Granger is no longer handling this case and will not disturb you again.”

Kate smiled and walked over and hugged her old friend, he was the old cultural director of Egypt’s heritage and had known Kates family for many years, as had his father and fathers, father before him. “Siddiqui how wonderful to see you again,” said Kate, “I take it I am here reference Kingsley’s death?”

Her friend grimaced, “Yes..., may he rest in peace, but it is also regarding the broach which you are wearing, would you mind if we could examine it, I give you my word, that it will not be harmed and returned to you.”

Kate smiled “Oh this little thing, it is rather special to me, and part of a set of Jewellery which my grandmother gave me.”

Siddiqui watched as Kate removed the broach from her cardigan and passed it over to her friend. “Yes, it was originally part of a collection discovered by your great grandfather and gifted by us as a thank you to your families’ work and support of our heritage. We have come a long way since those days.”

Immediately an attendant lifted an object over the broach and his facial expressions changed, as they realised this was a crucial piece of the artefact which they had been searching for. Kate observed their interactions and facial expressions and realised the item that she had just handed over was very likely to be never returned to her.

Looking directly into Siddiqui’s eyes Kate spoke. “Am I correct that piece activated one of your artefacts, as at first I never fully registered what had happened, I had seen a very brief flash of light and had assumed it was a reflection, now from your interest I believe it might be a key of a sorts, I only wish that I still had the other pieces, and then you could advance your knowledge as to the origin of these artefacts.” Said Kate.

It was then another stepped into the frame and continued with the conversation. “Kate, tell me, what do you know of these artefacts and may I enquire as to your connection?” Kate smiled she knew now that her assumption was correct, and she decided it was wiser to ease any further tension or possible areas of future conflict.

There was a moment’s interruption as Siddiqui spoke, كان أنه على اتفق قد التدخل، على يجرؤ كيف“ .stranger in Arabic حكومتنا مع طويل تاريخ لها وعائلتها كيت وينسلو هذا، مع للتعامل ” .مضى وقت أي يتصور أن يمكن مما بأكثر لهم ندين ونحن

Understanding what Siddiqui had just said, Kate responded immediately. No..., the gentleman is correct this is far too important to allow such niceties to get in the way.”

Kate looked at the man and nodded in respect, “You, sir, obviously know I am Kate Winslow and of my family’s cultural connections, I, however, do not know who you are,” she replied.

It was then a uniformed person entered the stage and took control of the situation.

“That Miss Winslow is General Hantts from our Military intelligence section, and he was given direct orders to not interfere, for which I truly apologise, I shall deal with him later, as for now I am fully aware of our debt to your family and of their contributions to our heritage, you also are held in the deepest of respect, and it is largely thanks to you that these discoveries were ever made, something our Mr. Hantts seems to have overlooked.”

Kate spoke quietly and with care. “As may be, and I accept your apology, no harm has been done, and before we go any further please accept that broach back as it is far too valuable to be in the possession of an old lady.,” said Kate.

Siddique looked at the liaison officer before him and she nodded, “Thank you, Kate would you graciously accept something in its place, say connected with your families’ past, I am certain the government will sanction such an offer when it realises your cooperation.”

Siddiqui looked back towards the liaison officer and she nodded in agreement. But Kate spoke first. “It really is not that important to me, as at my age I have everything I could possibly want, and as much as I treasured the said item, I realise that its importance to our national knowledge and defence is far greater and should take precedence over my feelings.”

There was a moment’s stunned silence and then the liaison officer relaxed and introduced herself to Kate. “Please forgive me, my name is Jennet Aldridge, and I work for the United States government, your attitude and cooperation are most appreciated, but might I enquire as to how you knew about the artefacts connection and of its importance...?”

Kate breathed in deeply, and then smiled, “Do you know about now a cup of tea would be appreciated, and a slice of carrot cake or better still fig cake, I have not tried your fig cake in so many years, and I used to love its moisture and texture so much.”

Jennet smiled and she could see Kate was tired, within minutes a comfortable chair had been found for Kate to rest upon, and a tray with Tea and Fig cake upon, had been brought for Kates consumption.

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