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When two people love and desire each other nothing else matters does it? When they have their own beliefs and children and husband or wife what does What does for others is nothing to do with the reality but the thing does not make me sane and sober what did it matter what he did my husband was a boring character who was a joke and he did not live up to expectations. Now most of the others did feel such a let down about the entire thing. Where and what do the children of such a relationship do and when they want revenge what does it mean to the innocent who did not know what had happened? I meant no harm you are a drag and then the uppity tunes and the tones of detests adding to this the cruelty of what it did to the relationship between the generations as the disaster of the past comes and covets the present as if the past is never dead until the ghosts have told their stories.

Mystery / Drama
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Chapter 1

Em was wearing her silk dress and dreaded to think what the neighbours might be saying as her husband had died some seven years ago. The dress she did not have to wear now to be loved and lovable. She did not say now anything and almost senile had nothing but weakness before she had strengths. She was eating less and her movements were not as agile. She did not answer to her husband and the woman the wife whom she had usurped posed no real threat she said she did not mind being the servant in her own house.

When all was said and done what right did a woman have to be as she was a worthless lustful one at that not a motherly bone in her body. She knew she was not as the others did not take into account the dignity of her husband. But he was a man who had not much on offer to make matters worse she was in love with a poet who had the right things who was settled in some story in her mind as this romance as this romantic and she had to be with him all the time.

As a married woman a wife a mother a grandmother why did she feel all that sorry stuff? The story was she did. She just could not help herself she had been through hell she had been butchered and knifed and all that she had all that done and what in turn did she now feel? That life was for living for grabbing for being alive for not bearing that silly odd husband of hers any longer but to have a life instead.

They had all watched as they wept as she had been knifed several times again and again, they laughed out loud at her husband Huns as he wild with jealousy did what he did to her. So, she wept and she declined and almost went mad now she was sane.

She did not think she charmed anymore she just walked as before proud and erect and she did not understand what that would matter to anybody. Her daughter was in some age herself almost thirty and almost there with the living beasts who were the grand children so nobody needed her. Nothing else to be done she had to live now.

She was the only woman who had loved she thought as much she was loved she was loved and did not want to add to the misery in the world. She was no fool she knew it was not only right but useful for them both. Forever meant nothing to her now for this was forever. She had become loved when her husband had passed out walking from a heart attack because he had been a vile man who had become the joke of the street whenever he walked children would follow his movements as he had a particular manner of walking arms behind him and his tongue sticking out they did the same. The thing was as he got older, he had the walking stick and when he saw what they were doing he would give them a wallop and they would be crying.

Many said he was nothing if not mean and their home under contract dared not complain to anyone and they had no one but him. But his business went elsewhere when they had to borrow money. By the time he had grown used to his authority he had lost it. He had become semi bankrupt and many of his lands had to be sold off because he so unpopular they were sold off to the Greeks for a song. No one was found to work for him and he had no one to tend the fields and make the work worth their while. He whiled away his life in the office and did not take home much more than was necessary he was mean and conceited but he had been her husband. If not loved than obeyed.

“Due to stressful conditions he has gone.”

“His heart gave out.”

“Don’t bury me with the undertaker?”

“Who shall we bury you with your stupid man?”

“Bury me with some other man.”

“But he is the only one we can afford.” He felt this most when he had the burial money because that man would take his last penny from him. His lost monies did not mean anything but that last money which the undertaker would take. He shook with the rage of the impotent male whose wife has slayed him from the very guts. He did not want to let go. Like a snake he thrilled by the very thing which destroyed him and his reputation. Reputation gone he lost in business he lost in the thought of the moment. He lost it.

“He is the lover of my wife.” What mattered most he offended he did not want to let it be known he knew anything more than that she was being kissed.

“Seen them spooning often.”

“Well that is why we can afford his rates.” Said his daughter. Gold was very fond of her dad but wished they would play their marriage elsewhere as she wanted the leading part. She had given birth and all that and did not want to have to be the spinster. She felt the very thing nothing to do with her. They should know what to do with their own marriage bed.

They had this discussion every night.

“Our marriage is over the married life is not what it was.” In their thoughts in their very breathing but he would not leave it alone. He never let go of anything. Like a dog who had gone mad and had been put down.

“The marriage has ended.” She said proudly.

“No need to throw it away.” He patted her gently she turned her head away.

“Our whole situation is now a joke.” A wife no longer a wife a woman now with a master not her husband and she went and leapt and did no more but think about herself. What did it matter when everyone had to make sacrifices and she did not? She must die or hell will come out they would lose their only chance of being able to do the right worthy life. Be an example for the children and make them think and feel like they should. It is a disgrace it is a disaster where did morality go and what has come out of this whole thing but folly? A man who had been so high up now settled into a foursome and his wife frolicking more than he was. In the past they would have been stoned and buried alive now they were given a choice leave or starve. There was nothing left if she left the good name of the whole town would come back. We behaved well we did nothing to rob her of her good name she gave it away. She has taken us for the ride and now we are sorry that we must starve them out. The wife too? Of course, they must all die to make us right. That is what tradition is that is why we do things like we do. It has now most definitely come to this? No reasonable society can have a male cuckold. I can see it now they said all of us males cuckolded by the wife why it is enough me make me turn inside out.

Tempers frayed on edge and the Huns walking away walking just trying to stay clear to clean his mind of the filth she had been doing. His wife his woman now no more he just walked away and it felt the pangs of the earth. The stones the stones turning inside his head his mind almost gone he has a smile on his face. He just has this smile on his glazed eyes. There was nothing else to say there was nothing else to do about the whole thing there was not much that mattered that which had mattered did not now make sense. We love you Huns said the children and they said it was going to snow and snow on his garden only. That the others gardens would be not snowed on and he waved his stick went along with it. That he now the brunt of the jokes and he did not mind. He loved it really it was delicious. Had he gone insane? Nothing doing he was after a wave of making money and he would sell his wife and make it happen.

Why should she stay indoors eating him out of house and home when she could earn it as a whore? Her whole life one of adultery he did not mean to be mean but why not earn that money the right way into the home and he could make himself the man the pimp more popular than anything. A wife earning what she should be earning because she loved what she has been doing. No need to do it as a hobby do it full time.

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