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"you have to take over this case, I know you can do it." And with that, my father breathed his last words in my arms before he died. It's been a few weeks since my family and I have lost my father. The Hunters were the new talk of the town as everyone knew about the death of my father. Or should I say murder. The doctor was saying he died from something else, most likely loss of blood from his cuts that apparently no one knows where he got them from, but I knew better. He may have died from blood loss, but he was murdered in his entirety, where else would the cuts come from. I would say out of everyone from the family I was the one taking my father's death the hardest. Sure Mom, Teagan and Mason were mourning, but none of them were as close to him when he died as I was. I was literally holding my father as he died. He had died in my arms. I had watched him bleed out and take his last breaths, something no daughter should have to go through with her father. I was determined to live out his last words though; Mom didn't agree with it, she thought I was already traumatized enough. I needed to do it though, as it was the only thing my dad wanted, peace, harmony. I needed to solve this case, bring justice to Olivia and give my dad peace knowing his words were fulfilled.

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Gasping, short of breath, panting, losing the battle, all describe the man that was making his way through the dark forest; fighting to solve his case and save the town from the everlasting danger.

He fell but didn’t give up, he was determined to catch this criminal. “Dad!” He heard from a ways away. He looked back only for a second to see his daughter running to him.

“Harmony, go, I’ll be fine,” He had answered. Harmony had taken her father into her arms and held him and was going to until she got help.

The father, knowing he wouldn’t make it, told his daughter one thing, “Harmony, you have to take over this case, serve justice to what happened to the poor girl, I may not be here to solve this case, but I know you can do it.”

With that, Harmony’s father breathed in his last few breaths and he was gone. Harmony was determined to take her father’s place but she knew she couldn’t do it alone.

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