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An adventure into the cruel world of dog fighting and bare knuckle boxing, travelling communities, of love, trust & families, hope & rage & survival. I was given a God Father Type option which they thought I could not afford to lose. They wanted me out cold in the second round, fortunately the family was with me and I refused so some of the visitors became abusive, and after the match, Albas walked into the dressing room along with Davie and his boys. Davie was surprised to find they were still unconscious and had been hog tied, Davie took one look at them and swore. “Ah shit I thought it might be these idiots they have been trying to muscle in on my action for some months now.” He laughed when he realised they each had broken jaws and busted noses. “Gad man what did you hit them with,” and it was one of Albas boys who answered. “A fucking Steam Roller.” And they all laughed. Two days later the bodies of those five men were disposed of in a meat factory, and were never to have been seen again, such was the ruthlessness of these people. However, I knew I was not responsible as all I did was protect myself and hand them over to someone else to deal with.

Mystery / Fantasy
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Chapter One.

Lisa & Lewis.

The Father John Mysteries.

Somerton Murders.

Book 7.

This is a new series of short stories but continuing with the Lisa & Lewis theme, but this time more of a human detective mystery with an element of supernatural help from Father John who from those who have followed the Lisa and Lewis books will know that father john died yet return as a ghost in corporeal form and in this story he becomes involved in helping Lewis & Lisa in solving these crimes.

In this issue it concentrates on the Bare-Knuckle boxing fights, and with the travelling communities and the dog fights with the breeding of true Pit Bulls, and the police trying to solve local crimes involving Paedophiles and even MPs.

Father John goes deep undercover becoming a part of this community of bare-knuckle fighters and comes to see a side of life many do not even know exists.

WARNING contains the common language of the travelling communities.

By John R A Smith.

Lewis and I had been unexpectedly gifted with our true human lives and we were placed back into society after thinking we were to sacrifice ourselves leading prisoners into a huge especially created Black Hole prison to hold Demi gods fallen angels and demons. Only at the very last moment to find ourselves prevented from making the sacrifice of love, and gifted our human lives back.

Now allow me to introduce myself, I am detective Lisa Dunbar and my husband and partner, is detective Lewis, and we are based in Somerton in Somerset and have thankfully retained our beloved menagerie of a family who still remained as corporeal ghosts, only Yasmin my daughter and Justine her partner are posted to the Baron in Chicago and Father John has taken over the running of a local church in Somerton.

“Detective Dunbar have you seen Lewis” enquired the duty Sargent, I looked up from the pile of paper work upon my desk, “Not for at least three hours” I replied, “he went to interview a source on a case we are working on”. I looked at the duty Sargent as he was passing me a huge padded envelope. “Will you give this to Lewis for me please Lisa, it has Important written upon it.”

I took delivery and thanked the man, he was in his mid-fifties but had only a tiny amount of fat and looked truly fit, but his bald head reflected light like a mirror, and I suspected he kept it oiled. “Sure will do Garry, do you happen to know what’s inside” I inquired. “The girl who handed them in said it was the photographs you and Lewis requested.”

My eyes widened as we had kind of been waiting for them and hoping it was not yet another hoax, as a local family had relatives visiting from Canada and they had apparently along with their younger daughter taken hundreds of photos, which might just help in a murder investigation.

Three days previous Lewis had received a phone call, “Hi my cousin took hundreds of photos during the time of the recent murders and I thought they might be of use,” had stated a quiet young female. But she had rung off before we could ask her more questions, so we were unsure if it was genuine or a hoax.

Now on all accounts I held a thick and padded envelope which apparently contained the promised photos. As the duty Sargent left to return to his duties, I pushed aside the boring paper work and was glad of an excuse to have a much wanted break from them, and I opened the package and tipped its contents upon my desk.

Apart from what must have been close to five hundred C6 size photographs, was a letter and a DVD. As I opened the letter and read, it went as follows. Hi I heard DC Lewis and his partner are requesting photos of the town and the area close to the recent murder. My cousin visited us from Canada and she is a keen photographer, and took hundreds upon hundreds of photos, for a school project, and I requested she sent me copies.

I have printed them onto C6 premium gloss paper and included the Jpegs should you need to enlarge them, those are on the enclosed DVD, My dad was a PC but died off duty some two years ago, and my mum blames the police, so she does not know I sent you these, but I know my dad would have wanted me to do the right thing.

I have more if you need them but for now I hope this will be of use and help in solving these nasty murders, It was signed Tessa Goddard, and I knew who she was as her father had accidently got caught up in a RTA while off duty, and went to help, and then died from his injuries, from a separate and deliberate hit and run.

His wife witnessed the incident and blamed the police, although it was far from our fault, except we had recently bailed a local villain, who stole a car and hit the PC while drunk. The wife thought he should never have been bailed and blamed us. But now thankfully her daughter just might have gifted us with the evidence we needed to possibly trace suspects and prove they were at the scene of the crime.

I had to give the child credit the photos were of quality and proved extremely useful, especially for the photos taken in the vicinity of the War Memorial, and the victims house, it was the street views which proved the most reliable, as they included people, and as each photo was date and time stamped, it gave us an idea as to where certain people were, and who could be suspects.

Fortunate the cousin was a keen photographer and had used a 40 mega pixel camera, which gave great magnification from the enclosed jpeg photos. And out of the fifty plus photos of the area we were interested in, four showed two well-known characters breaking the terms of their probation and of early release from prison.

Lewis returned and saw the photos upon my desk. “Wow what do you have there” he enquired, and I smiled “evidence me Lord,” I joking replied. He could see I was pleased with whatever it was that I had, and looked awaiting an answer to his question.

It was not fare to drag it on, so I answered him. “The promised photos were not a hoax, and they turned up two interesting characters…,” I paused to hold the suspense, but Lewis never took the bait. “These are good” he said as he examined some from my desk, and then reached over to view the letter. “Who sent them in” he said, and then he read the bit about the child’s father and I could see his expression change.

He looked across towards me. “Heck that’s tough, bless her she seems to be handling it well,” he replied. “Yes” I replied, “But we appear to have discovered at least two suspects who we know should not have been in the town centre, let alone that close to our victim.”

Lewis reached over and took the photos I was offering to him, he blinked and then smiled “So Danny and his brother Robert, they should have known they were not supposed to be in Somerton or anywhere closer than two miles from Miss Roberts”.

Handing the photos back he picked up a pile as of yet not looked at. “Are these part of this collection,” I looked from what he was holding and from where he picked them up, “No they arrived this morning, apparently some tourists sent them in.”

As Lewis looked through pile after pile, he eventually came to another showing the murder victim out shopping and what suspiciously looked like one of our suspects named Danny following her, and who on interviewing had claimed he was not even in Somerton at that time.

What the photo did was give us a time and a date, and we crossed referenced it with the local towns CCTV video recordings, and yes there we caught Danny following Miss Roberts some twenty feet behind her.

It was looking more and more like the two brothers were our main suspects, as they had been arrested some years past for GBH and Miss Roberts testimony put them inside prison for a seven-year term, but they were released after four years.

I had looked over to Lewis and enquired, “How did your interview go,” He grinned as we tried not to say source too much. “We need to visit the Quakers chapel in Street on Sunday Morning,” he replied. I blinked, “Quakers I don’t understand”, he just laughed. “I know but there will be a Patricia Smith there and we need to ask her where her sister’s son is hiding.”

I now understood as we were looking for Jason and we were sure she knew where he was because he mostly lived with his aunt, due to his mother’s drug habit. Three months previous a teenager had been rape who Jason had been dating at the time, and Jason was reported to have avenged the young lady’s honour.

The rapist had claimed even after been caught on CCTV and numerous witnesses, that she had given permission, the problem was they were all drunk after having been to a birthday party, Jason had been unable to go, but met them coming home, and his girlfriend had still gone and things got out of hand.

It went to court, but CCTV showed she had been flirting and eventually the jury acquitted him with a not guilty. Jason took it badly, and a few days later the alleged rapist was found beaten to an inch of his life and his testicles were cut off and fed to him.

The victim was part of the infamous Long family, and he had claimed it was Jason who attacked him, and consequently Jason had been forced to go into hiding for fear of his life. So you can imagine our surprise when the very next day Jason followed by a solicitor and a probation officer walked into the police station.

Jason had voluntarily come to hand himself in for questioning. He had also always maintained his innocence and that his probation officer could verify he was with her at the time, the problem was she had been on holiday and he refused to come in until then.

Incredibly after viewing evidence brought in by the probation officer and from duty reports it also clearly stated Jason was with her at the time of the incident, and it was just impossible for him to have been guilty. However, that said there was the question of the local CCTV clearly showing a suspect which look like Jason walking from the area of the time of the incident.

So understandably we needed to clear up any discrepancies. However, regardless of the distant CCTV the probation officer produced their own internal and external CCTV, and it clearly showed Jason arriving early, signing in and the receptionist verifying it was Jason.

Seven minutes later his probation officer met him and led him into an office he was later seen leaving, and by then the crime was committed thirty four minutes previous. We had no grounds in which to hold him as the documented video evidence of a Probation Officer could not be refuted against that of the victim, and as crazy as it sounds no evidence was found at the crime site which matched up to Jason’s DNA.

Yet I just knew there would be some who would refute this evidence and prefer to take the word of the victim. Our problem was it was the youngest son of the Long family and they preferred to administer their own type of justice, regardless if you were guilty or not.

Robert Long the victim had said it was Jason, and they learnt of the towns CCTV, so in their eyes he was guilty, and they truly intended him to pay for the crime. I shuddered as we were due to visit the Long family later this morning and now on top of everything else I had to convince them Jason was innocent.

Later that day as Lewis and I pulled up behind the three Riot police vans, my colleagues exited the vehicles all dressed in full riot gear, and then five dog police units pulled up, along with armed units placing themselves in safe secure positions. Seven more vans arrived to keep the neighbours away, and two squad cars parked at the rear of the corner house with four armed Police constables inside.

I should think this might just give you some idea as to what we were expecting, in the front garden were two wrecked cars and old furniture and music was blaring so loud we heard it three streets away. We had come with two warrants one for the three Pit bull type dogs roaming free in the garden and the second with a warrant for the arrest of Timmy Long for immediate go to jail do not pass go.

He had missed three vital court hearings and broken bail, including removing his leg band and breaking curfew. I shuddered at the sight before us, the dogs went wild and jumped the fence attacking the police constables. There were three gun shots and the sound of dogs crying their last breath.

Then the front door opened and old Mr Long senior stood there flanked by his two sons and three huge Rottweiler type dogs. The upstairs window smashed and a shot gun was pointed from the window. There was another gun shot and we saw the shotgun fall to the ground having been discharged.

Suddenly a pipe bomb was thrown, but it landed short and exploded killing old Mr Long and injuring his sons and the dogs, but also three Riot police crumpled to the ground having been to close and they died minutes later. Dear lord it had gone to hell, and there was screams and fighting as the Riot police raided the house.

Gun shots were heard and by the time it cleared the entire Long family except one had been arrested and we could see the sheer joy on some of the residences faces, while others threw stones, and were shot with Taser’s, or rubber bullets.

Honestly it was a day I prayed I would never face again, fortunately due to modern technology all police were wearing miniature video cameras and the entire incident was caught from various view points and angle which was to build up one rock solid case in having almost the entire family put away for a very long time.

Gone was the time when a criminal could refute such action, or claim the police instigated the crime. We had evidence they drew first blood and attacked first. Incredibly the one member of the family who was not present was Stephen Long, and would you believe at the probation office and had proof of his own to be innocent of his family’s actions.

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