Of Sins and Men

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Are we sinned because we are human? Or are we humans because we’ve sinned? All is fair in the game of life, for what is living without winning and losing? In the world of gambling, devils are born as angels, morality are lost in the wind and sinners roam the streets freely. TEBO is an organization of sinners. An association hidden in the midst of a Christian society, founded by an unknown source. Until, a member snitched about the sinful negotiations taking place within the institution, and now everyone’s sins are starting to be revealed. However these youths are willing to do anything to conceal these sins under varnishes of innocence, luxury and power. For in the world of gambling, devils are born as angels, morality are lost in the wind and sinners roam the streets, without regrets.

Mystery / Drama
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Killing two birds with one stone was the special qualification of St Augustine Academy Head Master. There was no mystery to the art, but his way of handling the situation seemed like a perfect masterpiece― or a rather daring challenge with endless impossibilities waiting to backfire in ones face. However, to the middle age French man it took little to no effort or knowledge but a lot of patience, that which seemed to be his middle name.

For the four years, he had served as the Head Master, L’oreal, knew the perfect angels his students posed to be was far from it, and behind their doe eyes and innocent smiles laid monstrous demons waiting for the moment to attack. Seeing this was pre-university, one would believe the students would behave with the knowledge of persons who’ll be heading into the world of adulthood. The only characteristics these devils portray of maturity was their way of deceiving each other and their sexually active personal lives.

If L’oreal knew one thing, it was to trust the odd commotion stirring in his guts. Since his arrival there was something itching in the back of his head about a particular organization made by past students of St Augustine Academy― something more than the eye meets, something illegal or of the sorts and he bound to get to the bottom of it. However he needed, proof or an inside man; traitor whatever it was― someone to prove that his predictions were indeed truth. And that he got as he stared at the letter left on his massive mahogany desk by his sectary along with a USB flash drive containing a videos and pictures.

The better news was, that somehow golden boy Tyrone Goldberg was a part of it. A demon who single-handedly ruined his daughter’s life and reputation. This information wasn’t relevantly true, but the feeling in his stomach told him otherwise. However with an opportunity as this, he wasn’t going to waste it, he was going to kill two birds with one stone.

This was how it was going to go:

First find the founder of the organization, which will turn out to be Tyrone Goldberg, kick the bastard to the curb and if that meant, taking his family down with him, then that was how it was going to be. This was for the victims of Tyrone Goldberg, this was for his little girl;

This was for Emily.

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