Murderous Secrets

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•A runaway... or a missing bride. Just before the wedding, Melissa Smith gets a phone call and leaves the cathedral, without anyone's knowledge. Everyone thinks that she ran away, but not Davis. •A dead body. Doors and windows locked from the inside, there's no way for anyone to commit the murder... except if the one claiming to be innocent is the murderer himself. With Davis' fingerprints found on the murder weapon, his testimony is not enough to prove him innocent. •Yet more lives will be danger, if not acted fast. With the unknown murderer on run, Melissa still not found and Davis on house arrest, he tells his story one more time... before it's too late for both of them to get rescued. •But would that be the end? If Melissa is found and Davis is proved innocent, will everything get back to normal? Had Melissa really run away, or did something happen to her? And who did the murder? More secrets are yet to be revealed. More stones are yet to be turned over. More problems are yet to be faced. Turns out, Melissa's disappearance was just the beginning.

Mystery / Thriller
Sweety M.
4.7 3 reviews
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Murderous Secrets

Copyright © 2019 Sweety M.

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Any references to any historical events, real people or real places are used fictitiously. Any similarity to real persons, dead or alive, or any event or locales is completely coincidental and not intended by the author.

For +16 readers.

Warning: Contains references to drinking, smoking, assault, suicide and homicide, but are not encouraged, promoted or supported by the author.

All rights reserved.

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