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Vampire. Romance. Action. Cordelia Myers had witnessed a strange crime, but was in denial. For what she saw was not only unreal, but unfathomable. However, that all changes the next day when she encountered Caleb Black, a new transfer student at her high school Maire Havens, whom she not only uncovered was the instigator of the tragic incident she had seen, but also a monster known as a vampire.

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Was she hallucinating?


She couldn’t be.

Last night while on her way home Cordelia Myers witnessed four men incinerate to nothingness by a mysterious red fire at some old junk yard.

And though it was for less than a minute, she caught a glimpsed of the culprit before he vanished into thin air like magic. If there is even such a thing as magic.

The perpetrator was a sixteen/seventeen years old male with pale white skin that gleamed like the moon. His hair dark as a gloomy night. A face of perfection and captivating fiery red eyes.

He was like a dream. A figment of the imagination.

A ghost perhaps?

Nope. There are no such things as ghost.

Maybe she was hallucinating after all. Or maybe she was losing her god-damn mind.

There is no way on earth a human being palms could magically ignite flames nor can they disappeared without a trace.

Can they? She’s not so sure any more.

She thought about telling someone what she saw- what she thought she saw rather. Call the police even and let them investigate the matter. But let’s be real for a moment here. Who the hell would believe such a story? Not even she was completely convinced.

“Excuse me,” a stern masculine voice snapped her out of deep thoughts and also disrupted the lesson.

Everyone turned their focused to the source of the voice. The average built adolescent male, covered in black suede leather jeans and jacket with an inside white t-shirt standing at the classroom doorway like a model.

And while all the girls were infatuated by the unknown boy’s blessed appeasing facial features, making goggling eyes at him. Some fantasizing about him even. Cordelia couldn’t help feeling puzzled absorbing his somewhat familiar appearance. Wondering where she has met him before.

“Is this Mr. Benjamin’s classroom?” The youth asked openly and with no respect at all.

“Yes it is,” the teacher Mr. Benjamin answered a bit disgruntled. He hated being disrupted in the middle of a lecturing session. “How may I help you?”

“My name is Caleb Black. I’m the new student.”

“So you are the new kid.” Mr. Benjamin looked thoroughly through a folder he took from the teacher’s desk. “Yes. Here you are. Caleb Black. You may be seated.”

Cordelia eyes trailed Caleb all the way to the back of the classroom, where he sat at an unoccupied desk. Showing off a breathtaking, heart-warming smile to all his female admirers.

There is no mistake. Though the colour of his eyes is now dark brown and his skin toned. She was ninety-five percent sure it’s him. The perp from last night.

While munching on her delicious home made meal prepared by her lovely mother inside the school’s cafeteria. Cordelia secretly watched Caleb, who was seated alone at a table three rows away from her. Reading a thick bleached brown cover novel with bold vague golden writing at the front.

She has decided to observe the new boy. Just to be completely sure that what she saw last night was not her imagination, and that he’s indeed the culprit. Then turned him in to the police of course.

It probably would be easier though to go ask him if he burned four men to death last night, instead of stalking him like some creepy stalker. But she deleted that thought quickly. Approaching him so boldly, might be very dangerous. For her that is.

Caleb closed the novel and sighed very annoyed by the milk chocolate angel with the brilliant brown eyes spying on him from the moment he got here.

She had long not too straight or curly brunette hair, plump kissable lips and a round nose that bring out her beauty even more.

Thinly built, just the way he liked his woman. Curvy in all the ideal areas. And that ass. God-damn it, her parents must be excellent body surgeons to give birth to her sexy ass.

After a period of time, he walked out the cafeteria, baiting her to follow him. Which she did.

This should be fun. His lips produced a pleasing smile at the thought of toying with her.

Unnoticed, Cordelia trailed behind him in the hallways. Or so she thought. She wanted to know Caleb’s whereabouts at all times. What he’s up to, for her plan to succeed.

Caleb bent the first right corner, took a left turn, heading straight for the boy’s locker room down the passageway.

Cordelia stood outside the boy’s locker room, a bit hesitant to go in, but she had to or else Caleb will escape her.

As soon as she confirmed the hallway was clear, she rushed in. Hiding behind the second row of lockers. Peeking down at Caleb, who stood in front the last locker in the first row.

Caleb gazed up to where she was, and Cordelia quickly withdrew her head, concealing her presence. Hoping to god, he didn’t see her.

It would be really weird and embarrassing for her to explain what she was doing in the boy’s locker room and why.

Several seconds later, she cautiously stuck her head back out to look once more, but he was gone.

Caleb was gone!!!

Cordelia rushed down to the locker where he stood earlier, looked around the corner to see if he was there. She even searched the showers, the toilets, but he was nowhere in sight.

Exiting the boy’s locker room, she hastily examined the hallway, and still she couldn’t locate him. Damn it, she lost him.

Just where the hell did he ran off to?

Caleb appeared out of nowhere, watching Cordelia as she sprinted down the hallway and smile intriguingly.

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