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Mind Games - Book Two

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The world is in chaos as is humanity, powers have seized control of the governments including the military, Jamel fights to clear his name and help .. As the world watched in sheer horror the war started to unfold, only the hundreds of thousands of suicidal volunteers failed to explode the pre organized dirty bombs at their intended targets, and to the Nazi’s surprise a vast land mass on their boarders became a no man’s area and the ground zero, as we had sent millions of their volunteers to their occupied land, and they unknowingly attacked themselves. As I said the initial surprised attacks the Nazi’s had planned on heavily populated towns, was instead turned against their own troops. Now it was just a matter of time, and I knew the Nazi’s had technically more advanced knowledge, and they had been planning this invasion many years earlier, enabling them to have stock piled smart munitions and weapons of mass destruction.

Mystery / Fantasy
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Chapter One.

Mind Games.


Book Two.

By John R A Smith.


Jamul has found himself trapped within a section of military intelligence that intends to illegally gather information and manipulate people’s minds, so they reveal their thoughts and intentions, while under the cover of an educational and games console and software. He was caught himself one Friday night and given to believe he genuinely had suffered several harsh months of imprisonment and constant beatings, simply because he started questioning the loyalty and intentions of those overseeing him and his safety.

Now he is questioning what reality or simulation is, much like in the film Matrix, and he knows he needs to protect himself and the person he has fallen in love with. His only chance is to escape and try and find refuge, yet even then he is conscious they may be aware of his intentions. He is trapped and loyal to his country but not to the way they have infringed upon innocent people’s rights and forcing some vulnerable Islamic children aged eleven or older to consider joining the Islamic state, so they can become infiltrated even further into this organisation.

His very life is at risk as is the nation as they innocently are been used as tools to a section of military which is brain washing those in control in Government and State, with intentions beyond their original remit.

The main News for the next two days was constantly talking about the various foiled raids and eventually as far as the News channels could tell over some Seven hundred operatives had been caught and rounded up, either while actually partaking within an operation or from been picked up via their homes or places of work and rest. Jamul knew this was only the number the military were admitting to, and he strongly suspected a major blow had been established in defending the Western World from major terrorist attacks.

What pleased him and helped to change his mind, well at least in part was the kidnapped victims who were rescued, and further intelligence he knew were going to be gathered from information found within confiscated computers. What surprised him however was the phone call he received, ordering him to inform the Slough and Leeds Mosque, that he suspects they are about to be raided, and that the Muslim police officer had some connection. He acted immediately and contacted Mr Siddiqui senior, and told him he was scared and that he was sure somehow, they had been infiltrated and that he was sure the Leeds Mosque and possibly even Slough were to be invaded.

He had only placed the phone away by minutes when police were grouping in force in the Slough region and two of the Mosques in that area were hit by Thames Valley anti-terrorist squads. There was a vast uproar and rioting broke out. Within twenty minutes the third Mosque in Stoke Poges Lane was also raided, but by then Mr Siddiqui senior had vacated along with other I.S. operatives. He had phoned the Leeds and Bradford Mosques and told them to immediately leave.

Five days later Jamul was entering his home and found he had a reception awaiting him. He was physically beaten and not gently, as they suspected he had infiltrated them, and that the games consoles were somehow reading their minds. He was thrust up and, had his head covered and carried away via an unmarked van. When Siddiqui senior learn of the treatment dished out to Jamul. He truly became extremely angry and ensured those under his authority acted immediately. “You bloody fools who authorised his arrest and treatment?” he demanded answers and wanted them now. They realised they had cocked up and some of the junior elders had acted on their own authority as they had lost Siddiqui and had not yet found a replacement elder.

One of the leaders associated with Siddiqui who had attacked Jamul when he was first in the London Mosque had taken over temporary charge and acted after talking to one of the Mullahs, who did not know Jamul so well. Siddiqui senior was a high ranking I.S. leader and he informed his sub-ordinates that it was Jamul who yet again saved their lives and had phoned a warning through. Seventeen days later after constant medical attention Jamul came around and found himself laying in a hospital bed with monitors attached and a drip feed to keep him hydrated.

Siddiqui senior was sitting by his bed praying when he awoke. “Allah be praised…, said Jamul, “I am alive…, water…, can I have water he asked Siddiqui senior, as he slowly tried to sit up. After he drank a few sips of water he looked at his friend. “What in heaven’s name did I do to deserve this,” he enquired, and Mr Siddiqui lowered his head. “Jamul my son the people who did this to you have been punished and I personally promise you they will never lay a hand on you again.” As he had been speaking, he ran a finger across his neck to indicate they had been terminated.

“Why…, what did I do?” enquired Jamul. Siddiqui senior looked at him, “Not a thing wrong my friend, those idiots panicked and some stupid Mullah who did not know you, went above his authority and authorised your death.” I lay back resting my head upon the pillow as a nurse walked into the room to attend to my injuries. “Can you please pass me my glasses,” asked Jamul, and the nurse opened a draw in the bedside cabinet and gave them to him. As he activated the sensors, the built-in cameras picked up that he had company, and very quietly so Jamul could only just hear, came a soft female voice. “Welcome back to the living Jamul.” I recognised the voice, and spoke to Mr Siddiqui senior, I feel like crap and I’m hurting all over as if I was hit by a bus.”

He looked at me not realising I had just informed Central Control how I was feeling. “Jamul truly we are sorry this should never have happened to you. As it was, we knew the PC who attacked you, and his wife informed us, he had turned fanatical and blamed us for your escape from custody and in him losing his job. We had him picked up near the Bradford Mosque, apparently he was looking for you and after a time admitted it was he and friends in the police who had been involved in helping him, and had been gathering intelligence and were in part responsible for the raids.”

I listened to his words and realised that Goldberg’s team must have reprogrammed his mind to have forced him to openly make such a confession, but if I am truthful I had no sympathy for him, as he had caused me great stress for something which had been a genuine accident, and he had abused his power and authority in trying to have me killed or jailed. “Thank you” I simply said, and Siddiqui senior thought I was talking to him, yet control realised it was to them, that I said thank you.

That night after my visitors left control got back in touch with me, “Jamul truly we are sorry, but we had no way of warning you without blowing your cover,” we talked for a time and then I needed to rest. Five days later I was released to go home, but I made my way to the Bradford Mosque and prayed and then returned home. I know I was undercover, but I felt it was important that my Muslim brothers saw me and realised I was a part of them, and I wanted others to see what they had done to me.

I was still bruised and found it painful to walk, my ribs still hurt, and my groin area had received a serious beating and the swelling had only just started to go down. I truly had no idea as to permanent damaged that they might have done to me. Tessa and others had visited me while I had been in hospital, and I phoned them and my friends from my so-called office to let them know I was now at home.

The Leaders from New Life church organised a rota of Christians to visit me and help me for the next two weeks, until I felt well enough to once more get on with my life. They went shopping for me, posted various items and even bless them took care of my washing etc. Apparently new arrest were happening almost daily as more and more computers were confiscated and searched for terrorist information. It had forced operatives to go on the run and even an old photo of me was shown on the News stating that I Jamul was wanted for questioning with regards terrorist connections.

That truly pissed me off, but control had pre-warned me and explained they had leaked the information and wanted to use it to divert further suspicion, fortunately it was reported I was in London and the photo used looked very little like me now, but it truly worked as phone calls from Mr Siddiqi and others later warned me the police were also looking for me. I was none the less glad I was known as James Clifford and that I had altered my appearance, as I could not face been arrested, and man handled by police wanting revenge. I know the vast majority of the police are good honest hard-working family men and women, it was the small percentage who were not that concerned me.

Central could tell I was still concerned as my brain patterns must have shown them my inner feelings. Mr Goldberg spoke with me on the following Friday night session. “Jamul I only just returned from an external mission and learnt of the way you were manipulated and treated over thinking you were arrested and imprisoned for several month. Some idiot allowed the controller who I took off your observational care, to cover for him as he wanted an evening off, and that controller took his revenge. Rest assured he is no longer alive and the idiot who took an unauthorised evening off is now serving ten years hard labour. I will not tolerate dissention or disobeying of orders.” He paused for a moment I guess to regain his own thoughts. “I was horrified when I saw the abuse, they had inflicted upon you and everyone has been told and ordered to never let such abuse happen again. Truly Jamul I am sorry and had I been here it never would have happened.”

His words in part comforted me as that controller had scared me silly and I honestly feared undergoing such a mind invasion again, as you truly do not know what reality is or what a simulation is. Goldberg then continued talking, “As for your injuries…, again we are sorry, we had no idea they were going to do that to you, and we were caught not wanting to blow your cover, but then you accepted that risk when you took this assignment. I guess you could say, you at least did not lose your head.”

I felt sick at his little joke, as it was a real possibility, yet I did accept the assignment and yes, I knew the risk. “Jamul as regards your friends Siddiqui, he has told us all we need to know and we can no longer learn any more from him, so we have decided to use him to save your life.” Again, he paused allowing me time to take in those words. “We have learnt that a selection of the I.S. is still unsure if these games consoles were a plant and are considering ordering there destruction, fortunately less than a third of their plans to infiltrate and take over establishments were acted upon and this so far has confused them, we are going to announce we captured Siddiqui and let them think it was he who betrayed them, as these consoles are far too important.”

As it was, I had expected this, and I told Goldberg as such, I also realised it was the right action to take as he was now a terrorist and had been responsible for multiple murders and atrocities. “I agree Sir, although at one time he was my friend, he is no longer the child I once knew, and the Western way of Life is at risk to allow those consoles to become compromised.” I think my response caught him off guard as he went quiet for some seconds.

I heard him grunt and then breathe in and exhale, “Jamul you’re the only operative to constantly surprise me, I’m pleased to see you understand and can look at the situation so calmly,” he said, “Thank you Sir, but if I may speak freely sir”, I requested and he smiled. “Go ahead soldier”. “Please ensure those in control who look over my safety do not abuse me again or any other operatives, I’m not joking sir it scared the crap out of me and it for a time made me question what was happening in control, Sir.”

He laughed, yes Goldberg fricken-well laughed and then told me calmly, “OK son I will give you that one as what they did to you was wrong, and I give you my word as long as it is in my ability I will do my best to protect you.” I breathed out as I had not realised, I was holding my breath. “Thank you, Sir,”.

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