Attempted Murder

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An murder about to happen... Will the police be able to stop it? It was quite some time before they reached the emergency location and they started rushing to the potential victim before something untoward happens to the victim.

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Short Story

“There is a case of attempted murder happening. All units report immediately”

Alerted, every unit started heading towards the address provided by the dispatcher. Now, the problem these units were facing is that they were not yet assigned their own transport. So, even though it was an emergency, they had to rely on public transport to get to the source. And, as usual, when you are in a hurry, the transport is never reliable.

The units had to wait till they got the right transport. Even then, the route of transit was far from direct. They faced obstacles a lot on the way and they had to wait for a change of transport to be on their way.

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It was quite some time before they reached the emergency location and they started rushing to the potential victim before something untoward happens to the victim.

However, they were late. When they arrived at the scene, they saw that the humans were just feeding the plant its first water in over a month. The plant was dehydrated and gulped down every drop of water that landed in the soil. One human was pouring water into the vase and the other was squirting some water on the leaves and flowers.

The first human was saying the second, “I did not know this was a potted plant. I was under the impression it’s a bouquet. No wonder it did not wilt away. They should have told us they are giving us a potted plant as our house-warming gift. We would have watered it before. Poor plant! Thank God it didn’t die on us. Imagine! Our first pet and we would have killed it. Thank God we did not go ahead with our plan of getting a dog. Maybe we could learn by taking care of this first before progressing towards a dog.”

The pollen police heaved a sigh of relief. If they had found the plant dead, they would have punished the humans with their deadliest weapon in the worst way possible - pollen fever.

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