Misty Meadows; The Asylum

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When Kane London's parents die in a tragic accident, she is sent to live in the strange town of Misty Meadows; where nothing is as it seems Misty Meadows is a small town, that seems to have nothing interesting going on, aside from a strange murder from years ago. of course, when you bring in a troubled teen who can see the town's ghosts, it becomes quite obvious that there is far more to the town than just its resident bad boy, Moth, who just happens to have caught the eye of the new girl.

Mystery / Romance
Samantha O'Maker
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“Misty Meadows? You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“You get on the bus in an hour, you’ll arrive around eight.”

“I can’t believe this. You can’t seriously want to send me to that crappy place.”

“Kane, there are no other options; she’s your only guardian.”

Kane London.

Alice Gomes sighed, Kane was her granddaughter, but she had never met the girl.

Alice’s daughter and son-in-law had died two months ago in a car crash, and Alice had been left as the girl’s guardian.

The social worker had sent Alice a thick file on every detail of the girl, and when Alice had gone through it, she hadn’t been entirely thrilled at the idea of taking Kane in.

She had been kicked out of several schools for fighting.

She had a criminal record for assault and carrying weapons.

Alice feared she would cause havoc in the little town of Misty Meadows, however, she was family and Alice couldn’t turn her back on blood.

Black combat boots hit the dusty road as Kane jumped off the bus.

She looked around an empty dirt road, her duffel bag on her shoulder.

It was only half-past eight, but everything looked dead as if there was no life in the town.

As the bus drove away, Kane turned to see a very poor excuse for a shop.

She went into the shop, stopping at the counter, “Hey, you don’t happen to know an old woman by the name of Alice Gomes, do you?”

The skinny guy behind the counter looked up through his large glasses, “Yes! Mrs. Gomes is a really lovely lady.”

Kane frowned, “Mind telling me where to find her?”

“Oh, I can’t give those details-”

“Dude, stop smiling, your braces are blinding me. I’m a relative of the old bats.”

He didn’t seem too pleased with the reply, “Could you leave?”

Kane rolled her eyes, “Happily,” she walked out, sneaking a chocolate bar into her pocket on the way.

Opening the chocolate, she took a bite and took her phone from her pocket, dialling her best friend from back home.

“Kane?! Hey, how’s it?”

“Dead. Listen, what did that social worker bitch say I must do when I get here?”

“Go to your gran without getting into trouble. Oh, and don’t get arrested.”

“Ah, but what were the directions?”

“I can’t remember, K.”

Kane grinned, getting an idea, “Never mind, I’ll get her to come to me.”

Hanging up, she returned to the store, grabbing a packet of crisps, she headed back towards the door.

The nerd behind the counter jumped to his feet, “You can’t just take that, you have to pay.”

Kane grinned, “Why don’t you call the cops?”

He frowned, “For a bag of chips?”

Kane rolled her eyes and kicked a shelf over before walking out and sitting down, opening the bag and listened to brace-face call the cops.

“That idiot wouldn’t give me your details.” She sat explaining to Alice, who had been called to the police station and had picked her up and taken her home.

Alice frowned, “You could have found another way to get to me. What you did was uncalled for.”

Kane rolled her eyes, “Yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah, got you. Where’s my room?”

Alice sighed, “Follow me. And we will finish this conversation tomorrow.”

She followed Alice to a small room, painted light blue; the covers were white with pink flowers.

“Well, this is disgusting.”

Alice sighed, “Goodnight, Kane.”

Kane closed the door and dropped her bag onto the small desk in the room.

Going over to the bed, she looked out of the window, into the backyard, which was rather close to a woodsy area, a very dark area.

Kane frowned, suddenly getting the feeling that there was someone out there watching her.

Sighing, she closed the curtains, trying to tell herself that she was imagining it suddenly the curtains swung open, and there stood a man in between the trees.


But by the time Alice came in, he was gone.

“A man was standing there.”

Alice frowned, “It’s a new place, don’t worry yourself. Get some sleep.” She closed the curtains and walked out.

The next morning Kane had a shower before Alice dropped her at school.

Kane went to her first class, the teacher introduced her to the class, there was a girl who gave her dirty looks, then again, the whole class was giving her dirty looks, it was probably her attire which consisted of ripped black jeans, black combat boots and a black tank top with a red and black plaid shirt hanging loosely over it.

She made it to lunchtime without punching anyone, which she thought was a pretty big achievement.

Taking a seat at an empty table, she thought she had found some peace.

Suddenly the brace face from the store sat down opposite her, “Hey, how do you like school?”

“Go away, brace face.”

“It’s Cliff. Cliff Olsen.”

“Like I care.”

He raised his brows, “I’m the only one being nice to you.”

Kane shrugged, “I don’t recall asking anyone to be nice.”

He sighed but didn’t move.

Kane looked over at the ’popular ’table, “Who are they?”

“Veda Matthews; voted best looking female student for three years in a row, she’s the Queen Bee here. Her boyfriend, Brent Hartley, voted best looking male student last year. The blond is Layla King, she’s Veda’s best friend, also in second place for best looking female student. The guy next to her is Jack Brookes, captain of the football team. The girl with the black hair is Cassie Smith, no idea why she hangs out with them because she’s nice. The girl with the blond streaks is also really nice, Stacey White. The guy next to her is her boyfriend, Mac West.” He stopped and waved to a girl and guy, both with mousy brown hair, who started coming towards them.

Kane frowned, “Why are they coming towards us?”

“They’re friends of mine.”

Kane raised her brows, “I’m amazed you have any friends.”

The two sat down, both smiling at Kane.

The girl smiled, “Hi, I’m Macy, this is Collin.”

Kane frowned at the three in front of her, how did I end up with these geeks?

Brace face grinned, “She’s Kane.”

Macy tilted her head, “Nice name.”

“Uh-huh. So, Brace face who’s the dude in the corner?” Kane was referring to a guy in the corner of the room, sitting at an empty table, wearing all black, dark bluish-black hair that was passed shoulder length with flame-coloured streaks in it.

“Moth. Don’t know his real name, and his surname is Star. He’s always been weird; he’s pretty much an outcast, a loner. No one wants to be around him. He got the name Moth because he was obsessed with flames. Always has a lighter with him.”

Kane raised a brow, “How come you lot haven’t taken him in? Don’t the outcasts normally stick together?”

Collin scoffed, “He’s a whole different type of outcast. There was a fire upon Misty Hill that killed and injured a lot of people; everyone says he had something to do with it. Trouble follows him everywhere. It’s safer to stay away from him.”

Kane was still watching Moth when suddenly he looked up and their eyes met.

Slowly, he stood and walked out of the room.

“So he’s such a freak, that the freaks don’t want to be near him?” She asked.

Brace face nodded, “Basically. And we’re all kind of scared of him. He’s known to have some serious anger issues.”

The rest of the day went by and Kane didn’t see Moth again.

After school Brace Face walked halfway home with her and then went to start his shift at the store.

Kane didn’t go home, she decided to explore the town a bit.

Following an old railroad track, she found a few falling apart wooden cabins next to a small stream.

“This town is so lame.” Crouching, she reached out to run her hand in the water, but the water suddenly went from crystal blue to tick red blood.

She gasped and fell back, landing hard on the ground, frowning when she realized the water was clear again.

“Great, now you’re seeing things that aren’t there. Again,” she got to her feet with a frown on her face, “And having a full-blown conversation with yourself. What next?”
Shaking her head, she decided to go home.

When she got home, she found Alice on the front porch with food set out on the small table.

Kane sat down opposite her, “Any reason we’re outside?”

“Fresh air. Why are you late?”
Kane frowned, “I went for a walk.”
Alice’s eyes flashed, “Where?”

Kane shrugged, “Some old railroad tracks that lead to a stream.” With creepy water.

“Well, just don’t go walking too far.”

Kane was about to reply when she noticed the neighbours, “Who stays there?”
“The Hartley’s, why do you ask?”

“I recognize the one guy from school,” she got to her feet and went over to the fence, “Hey, Brent, right?”

He turned and smiled, “Yeah. Kane, right?”

She nodded.

“You stay with Mrs. Gomes?”

Kane nodded, “Yeah. She’s my Gran.”

“Great, she has dinner with us sometimes. You’re welcome to join her at the next one.”

She nodded, “Sounds like a plan. I’ll see you at school tomorrow.” She turned and went back to join Alice.

Alice smiled, “I’m glad to see you making friends.”

Kane shrugged, “Not really. His girlfriend and I don’t like each other much.”

“Yes, Veda does tend to be a bit moody.”

Kane stood, “I’m not feeling so good, I’m going to get some sleep.”

She went into her room and froze; the guy was between the trees again.


Alice came rushing in, “What is it?”

Kane turned back to the window, “There he is!”

Alice frowned, “Who?”

Kane frowned, “He’s gone again. When I walked in he was standing right there.”

Alice closed the curtains, “Just get some sleep.”

Alice left, closing the door behind her and Kane walked slowly over to the bed.

First, the guy disappearing last night, then the stream changing, and now this again.

“What is going on?”

You’re going crazy. Again.

Kane shook her head, hoping she would feel better after some sleep.

The next morning when Kane got to school, Brent greeted her, leaving Veda fuming.

Kane made it through the first half of the day without any problems.

When she got to the lunchroom, Brent waved, motioned for her to join them.

But what she noticed was Veda, Layla and Jack, who stood in front of Brace Face, Macy sitting at the table looking nervous.

Kane narrowed her eyes and walked up to them, “Veda, what are you doing?”

Veda turned and smiled, “Just having some fun with Brace Face over here.”
Kane noticed that his glasses were askew and he flinched when Jack went to pat him on the shoulder before he left with Layla and Veda.

Brace Face sighed and sat down next to Macy.

Kane put her tray down, “Okay, so what happened?”

Macy sighed, “They tend to rough Cliff up from time to-”

Kane didn’t hear the rest of what Macy was saying because she was already at Veda’s table.

She slammed her tray down, “You people need to start learning some things.”

Veda eyed her suspiciously, “Excuse me?”

“What the hell gives you the right to pick on Bra-Cliff? You are a bunch of cowards for picking on someone who can’t fight back. Not to mention that there were three of you.”

Veda rolled her eyes, “I’ll keep that in mind the next time I want to please you.”

Kane clenched her teeth, ’Don’t start a fight.

“White trash.”

Too late. Kane leant over the table, grabbed the empty tray in front of Brent, swinging it straight into Jack’s face, knocking him off his chair.

Layla jumped onto the table, trying to kick Kane in the face, but Kane grabbed her ankle and pulled, sending Layla crashing down.

Veda got to her feet, trying to run; Kane grabbed a fistful of her hair and smashed her face into the table.

She looked up and frowned, the whole room was watching her.

Moth included.

And that’s when the principal walked in.

“Kane London, my office. Now!”
He turned and stormed out, with a sigh, Kane followed.

Once in his office, he sat down at his desk, “Miss London, I have seen your previous track record. Kicked out of seven schools. In jail for assault, carrying unlicensed weapons, and fraud.”

Kane grinned, “And I’m not even twenty yet.”
He frowned, “It’s nothing to brag about Miss London. You can’t come to my school and start fights-”

Kane cut him off, “Whoa! Hold up a second. Veda, Layla and Jack were harassing Cliff. When I asked, rather nicely if they would leave him alone, I was called white trash. Doesn’t even make sense when she’s white herself.”
“It still doesn’t mean that fighting is okay.”

Kane stood, “Screw this. If you’re going to expel me, do it.”

He sighed, “Detention for a month after school.”

Kane walked out, making sure to slam the door hard.

As soon as she was back in the hall, she kicked over one of the bins.

“Anger issues much?”

She turned, “Brent? Hey.”
“Mr. Lewis gives you any trouble?”
Kane shrugged, “A month detention after school.”

Kane laughed, “Not really, I’ve dealt with a lot worse.”

Brent frowned, “Like?”

“Story for another day.”

“Well, this might make you feel better. I’ve just come from the nurse; Veda’s going to have some bad bruising.”

Kane laughed, “Well, she better stay away from me, or she’ll have a lot worse.”

After detention Kane was on her way home when she noticed a small path, leading up a hill.

Kane frowned, “Your know you shouldn’t go up there.”

She stood still for a total of five seconds before following the path.

It came to a stop at a very old, shell of a house.

The house had been a small place, and it had obviously burnt down.

The few walls that still stood were burnt black, the roof and door gone.

“This must be Misty Hill.’

She went into the house, stepping around the debris.

The place was dark and the sun had set almost at the same moment she had stepped into the house,

She took a step forward and a hand snaked around her mouth, another around her waist.

She struggled before elbowing the person in the ribs and running.

She made it halfway to the pathway when someone tackled her, landing on top of her.

She turned on her back to see Moth.

He froze, “What are you doing here?”I went for a walk, what- could you get the hell off me- are you doing here?”

He got to his feet and helped her up, “I, uh, kind of stay here.”

Kane frowned, “Is this the place they say you burnt down?”
He clenched his jaw, “You should leave.”

Kane rolled her eyes, “Jeez, talk about rude.”

“No one comes up here. You shouldn’t either.”

“I can go wherever I want to.”
“Misty Meadows isn’t the safest of places.”
Kane scoffed, “Neither is jail.”

“What was that?”

Kane shook her head, “Nothing. I better get going.”

She turned and took to the path; she was halfway down when she realized that Moth was following her.

“She frowned, “What are you doing?”

“Walking you home.” He replied as if it was obvious.

“I can do that myself just fine.”

“I didn’t say that you couldn’t.”

“Then stop.”

“I am not having you go missing when the last place you were seen was up there. I don’t need to be blamed for another murder.”

Kane kept her mouth firmly shut for once.

“Where do you stay?” he asked.

“Alice Gomes.”

He seemed to slow his stride slightly, “You’re family?”

“You sure are nosy.”

“Just making conversation.”

Kane had a feeling there was more to it than that.

Moth stopped in front of Alice’s yard.

Kane frowned, “You know where it is?”

“Everyone knows her.” He turned and walked away.

Kane walked in and dropped her bag at the door.

“Why are you late this time?”


Alice stood, “It’s your second day and you’re already getting into trouble. What did you do?”

Kane sighed, “Beat up some kids for picking on Cliff and calling me trash.”

“You can’t go hitting people, Kane! I don’t know how my daughter raised you but-”

Kane cut her off, “Whoa, I don’t care who you are, you do not get to speak about my mother.”

Alice sighed, “Kane, you need to stop being so violent. And you also need to start realizing that you have to follow rules, whether you like it or not.”

Kane shrugged, “I don’t have to do anything.’ She pushed past Alice and went into her room.

The next day Veda and Layla weren’t at school.

Jack was, with bruising on his face.

At lunch, she went to her usual table where Cliff, Collin and Macy already sat waiting.

She couldn’t help but notice that Moth was nowhere in sight.

Collin grinned, “I hear you put on a good show yesterday.”

Kane shrugged as she sat down, “It was nothing.”

Macy chewed on her lip, “Well now the whole school is more scared of you than Veda.”

Kane looked at her blankly, “So?”

“You can take her place.” Said Cliff.

Macy nodded, ’Yeah, you don’t have to sit with us anymore.”

Kane rolled her eyes, “I don’t want to be liked. I just wanted to let them know not to mess with me.”

Collin smiled, “At least they’ll leave us alone now.”

“And if they don’t, you tell me.” Said Kane.

Cliff shook his head, “No, you don’t need any more trouble.”

Kane glared at him, “You tell me, or I’ll be the one beating the crap out of you.”

The three nodded.

Kane turned, scanning the room for Moth; he was still nowhere in sight.

The bell rang and when they walked out of the lunchroom, Brent stopped them.

“Hey, Kane?”


“I couldn’t help noticing you came home really late last night.”

Kane frowned, “Yeah, so?”

He raised a brow, “I also saw who you were with.”

Kane scoffed, “And? The last time I checked, who I walk with has nothing to do with you.”

Brent let out a humourless laugh, “You’re kidding, right? Hanging out with the geeks that I can still understand. But hanging around with a killer? That’s a bit much.”

“Now you can match your pathetic girlfriend” her fist connected with his face.

“Kane London, my office.”

Kane sighed; she hadn’t realized Mr. Lewis had been right there.

Shaking her head, she followed him.

Closing the door behind her, she sat on his desk and smiled, “What’s up, Lewis?”

“It’s Mr. Lewis. Look, I’m trying my best to help you, but you’re not making it very easy.”

“I don’t want or need your help.”

He sighed, “I know your grandmother very well, and we’ve been friends since we were in school. I watched your mother grow up. Don’t go the same way she-”

Kane stood, “The same way? Are you trying to say something?”

“Not at all. I’m only saying that she was a very good girl, straight a student. But all of that changed and she became very rebellious-”

And at that exact moment Kane’s fist connected with his nose, sending him flying backwards and off his chair.

“When are people going to learn to shut their mouths about my mother? I know all about her life and I do not need anyone filling me in!” she turned and stormed out.

“Kane? Are you okay?” Asked Cliff as she passed him.

She held up thumbs up as she walked out of the school doors.

She walked for a while before spotting an unfinished building, going up the breaking stairs to the roof.

She sat down, making herself comfortable.

She planned to stay for a while, Lewis would have told Alice by now and she wasn’t in the mood for that.

Closing her eyes, she decided to try and get some rest.

“Hey, wake up.”

Kane opened her eyes to see Moth nudging her.

The first thing she noticed was that the sun was gone and the full moon was in its place.

Kane frowned, “What are you doing here?”

“I was going to ask you the same question. You do realize it’s not safe up here, right?”

Kane stood, “Oh please.”

“Really, it’s not. The place could collapse at any second. And any crazy person could decide to come up here.”

Kane rolled her eyes, “This town is so small it probably doesn’t even have anyone crazy.”

Moth sighed, “You’d be surprised.”
Kane shrugged, “maybe I would.’

“Well, either way, you need to stop walking around at night.”
“Why? Don’t want to be accused of more murders?”

He clenched his jaw, “Something like that.”

He turned his back on her, taking a Zippo from his pocket and flicking it on and off.

Kane frowned, “That probably doesn’t help those rumours about the fire.”

He kept toying with the lighter.

“Probably doesn’t help that you sleep in that old-”

He spun, ’don’t you dare mention that to anyone.”

Kane took a step back, “Why? Got something to hide?”

He glared at her, “Don’t push me, London.”

Kane narrowed her eyes, “Or what? You’ll set me alight?”

He clenched his jaw and took a step forward.

Kane misjudged and took a step back, her foot off the roof, swaying, she went backwards.

Moth grabbed her and pulled her back.

“What the hell is wrong with you? You could have died! And the screwed up thing is that everyone would have blamed me.”

“Don’t take it out on me because you’re the town freak.”

“You don’t even know what happened!”

Kane pushed past him and went down the stairs, in the road already when he caught up with her.

“What did I tell you about walking around at night?”

Kane ignored him.

“You wanna get yourself killed? Fine, just don’t do it when I’m the last person you were with.”
Kane sighed, “It’s not like I want to be around you.”

“Then do a better job of staying away from me!”
“Really? Do you honestly think I want to be around a pyromaniac?”

“You don’t know a thing about me, yet you think you have the right to judge me? Who the hell do you think you are, London?”

Kane frowned, “It’s not about who I think I am, it’s about who I know I am, you idiot!”

“And who is that? A crazy girl who starts fights in school and thinks she better than everyone?”

“Well, at least I’m not accused of being a killer!”

He glared at her before storming off.

Kane stormed into Alice’s house and slammed the door.

Alice glared at her, “You punched another student and the principal. And you’re late again. And what were you doing with that Star boy?”
Kane sighed, “Lewis was talking about my mother. I like being outside at night. And as for the other student, Brent asked for it.”

“You ignored my last question, Kane.’

Kane shrugged.

Alice frowned, “You are not to be around him. He’s trouble.”

Kane scoffed, “Like I’m not.”

“Just stay away from him, Kane.”

“I can be friends with whoever I want.’

She walked away from Alice, going into her room.


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