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The Unexpected Adventure

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1/Ziad: Dreams can be so real and so fake Ziad is a crippled kid living in his parent's castle. His days pass by with a slow burn growing inside of him, One day he snaps and decides to abandon everything and leave. 2/Inception the Sequel: Ziad and Wissam thought that they had a solid friendship. Little did they know...

Mystery / Adventure
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Ziad wakes up in the middle of the battlefield. Sounds of men roaring, battling, fighting overwhelm him. Ziad gets up on his feet. Gets a good look at the battlefield. Knights, swordsmen, blood everywhere. He picks up his pointy flashy sword. Gets a good grip. Slays two swordsmen approaching him. All of a sudden, everything blacks out.

Ziad gets up to a lovely morning in a lovely castle. Realizes that it was just a dream. Dana, the house maid, picks up Ziad from bed and places him firmly on his wheel chair. Ziad was 10 years old. Only starting his horseback riding lessons. Horse got mad. Dropped Ziad on his back. He passed out. Woke up on a wheel chair. His dreams of becoming a knight got destroyed that day. Weird dreams started the next morning.

Dana drops Ziad for breakfast with his family. Dana treats Ziad well. He likes that. Dana comes from a poor background. She is glad and proud to be living in a castle serving a high class family.

At breakfast there is Mom, Dad, and Brother Ryan. Ryan is the pride and joy of the family. Ryan is a tall handsome fit knight.

Dad has never been the same since Ziad’s accident. Feeling that Ziad is the family’s shame and he didn’t make much effort to hide these feelings from Ziad. That broke Ziad’s heart.

Mom didn’t make an effort to stop Dad. She ignored Ziad’s existence.

Usually, Ziad finishes breakfast and goes up to his room to read. Ziad’s wants changed since his accident. He now wants to become a wise master.

But not today. Today Dad was mad and decides to blow off steam on Ziad. Ziad couldn’t take it. Not today. Not now. Not ever again.

He leaves the table. Heads to his room. Decides to leave. Lets Dana help this get out of the house. Made her promise to tell no one.

Ziad arrives at his friend Mahmoud’s front step. Hesitant to knock. Not knowing what to say. Nervous. Shivering, shaking. Mahmoud is Ziad’s all-time friend. They met in horseback riding classes at age 10. He knows all about Ziad’s accident. Knows all about his relationship with his father. Knows all about his life. Standing by his side then, now and till eternity. Ziad knocks on the door. Only seconds pass till Mahmoud opens. Exchanges eye contact with Ziad. As if he knew everything without Ziad saying anything. Not a word. Invites Ziad in.

Ziad stays with Mahmoud. Reads daily. Hopes in coming a maester.

Until one day comes. Sounds of men outside are heard. Only moments pass until heavy knocks are overwhelm Ziad. He looks at Mahmoud who doesn’t seem surprised. Ziad gets doubtful.

Men break in. Men hold swords. Men have savage faces. Men approach Mahmoud. Men kill Mahmoud.

Ziad sees Men. Ziad feels anger. Ziad feels sadness. Ziad feels want to revenge. Ziad want to kill Men. Pulls everything he has and miraculously gets up from his wheel chair. Shocks on men’s faces appear. Ziad picks up his sword. Gets a good grip. Slays the 3 men approaching him.

Suddenly everything blacks out. Ziad gets up to a lovely morning in a lovely castle. Realizes it was just a dream.

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