Criminal Beware

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California, 1922. A growing coastal city is gripped by terror. The savaged remains of a third victim are discovered in the central park. Police find no suspect or motive to explain the violent deaths, nor any link between the victims. Signs are posted throughout the city’s neighborhoods to warn: CRIMINAL BEWARE - You Are Being Watched When Daniel Archer arrives in San Diego, he is seized by a dark vision of the city’s next murder. The young hotel executive has relocated from New York to take control of the luxurious U.S. Grant Hotel. Gabrielle Roussade, a wealthy young heiress and significant hotel shareholder, welcomes Archer with a dinner party thrown in his honor. An evening of introductions and greetings is brought to a halt when Archer is assaulted by the terrifying image of a dinner guest’s throat being viciously ripped from his body. When the man in Archer’s vision is soon found murdered, Roussade and her remaining guests find themselves at the center of a criminal investigation. In search of a protector, the young man becomes the heiress’s closest confidant and lover. Will Archer's continued visions save Roussade from a savage killer's wrath?

Mystery / Horror
Joseph Stone
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This novel has been published as of October 1, 2019. While I will leave this version up for Inkitt readers, the full, professionally edited novel is available for sale on Amazon, Audible, and Barnes & Noble. Enjoy! - Joseph Stone

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