Motivational Ignorance

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Ritika is getting punished for the crimes she had never committed and now on the top of that the underworld don is too behind her.What will she do? A baby's girl cry is heard.Her father disowns her the very minute she is born. Life has been full of hardships for Ritika with an abusive father.But when she gets a ray of hope in her dark life,it too gets snatch by a person who then becomes her abusive husband. A marriage full of torture and sufferings.The marriage done for seeking a bloody revenge.The crimes which he thinks she had committed but n real,god knows... Trying to escape from all that she again get trapped in one more mystery,showing that her life is nothing but a mystery.Lakhs of life tangled together,only one hint,one escape and one person can solve it.The person is the center of the web,the web of mysteries. What will happen when two different worlds will get crashed?Explosions are the way.Thrill is there along with enormous suspense.But in that two lives will get brutally affected.Whose lives are those???Dig in to know more. Warning:First ( chapters are short.They will edited once the book is completed.Violence and dark romance book.You may hate the male lead.

Mystery / Scifi
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Ritika's life

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A baby girls cry is heard in a hospital room.The family members twitch their lips in displeasure on the arrival of the goddess.As soon as the doctor comes out her father says”KILL HER .SHE IS NO ONE TO US.“The doctor gets surprised but agrees to it nevertheless.But little did her father know that he never killed her and sold to one of his men.yet one day he has to go in search of his goddess....

After 19 years..

A girl is seen to be doing household chores while a man is busy cursing her.Little did she know what her real identity is..

Ritika’s pov :

I was doing my household chores silently.As it is what return in my fate as per my fathers broad thinking(note the sarcasm).I am little lucky bcoz he never stopped me from pursuing studies but he never payed for them.I always completed it with the help of scholarships.I was busy thinking that I didn’t come to know when my father entered the house.

“RITIKA..WHERE ARE YOU BITCH?Don’t you know how to treat your father.Where is the goddamn food ?Iam dying of hunger.Is your so called mom going to serve it to me for you or what?”

I was terrified with the sudden outburst.I hurriedly walked into the kitchen and served him.On a close look I came to know he was totally drunk and has lost his senses.He asked me to put more dal on the rice.I took the vessel to serve him.My hands were shaking due to fear by seeing his bloodshot eyes.I mistakenly pour the hot dal on his hand and he yelped in pain.That’s it.I am gone now.

He got up from his seat and fisted my hair and pulled me roughly and banged my forehead to a nearby wall.I felt like my whole world is spinning due to the impact.Something warm oozed out from my forehead.I touched it lightly that’s when I realized it was my own blood.As I was busy assessing it i felt a huge blow on my hand from a belt.My father was beating me mercilessly until my whole body was covered with blood and not to forget the red and blue patches too.Suddenly I was pulled up and thrown out from the house.

"Staying out in the chilled weather will help you in bringing your brain at its right place and your not getting any food for next two days.Its your punishment.Am I clear dear?"

I just nodded in response.He went inside after that.My whole body was aching and on top that the chilled winds are doing nothing good to me.I don’t know what I have done to be treated like this.I was busy finding the answers that I don’t came to know when sleep overtook me.

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