Motivational Ignorance

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Chp 10:Devil Incarnated

Guys,don’t blame me for whats coming next.I know some of u will hate me for sure.So tight ur seatbelts n keep ur emotions in check.N if ur not a fan of violence then leave it.Do vote n comment guys.Plz tell me if u liked the cast or not.

Daksh pov:
How dare she!?I helped mom to sit on the nearby sofa and told one of the maid to bring first aid.I could feel my body trembling with anger.Only I knew how am I controlling it.After sometime the maid came and did the first aid of mom.
“Sir,yours?“she asked.
“No,I will manage.“I said to her and waved off dismissing her.Limping towards mom’s room;I tucked her in bed and then went straight towards my room not to forget limping all the while.The pain was really unbearable but my anger had now took troll on me.All I could see was only red.

I entered my room and scanned it but she was nowhere to be seen.So I just searched the balcony but it too was empty.I then moved towards the bathroom and tried to open it but it was locked from inside.

“Schatz,Open the door.“I said in a sweet voice while banging on it.No response.“Pearle!Open the door otherwise it won’t end up good.“I threatened her.Still no response.“Okay !Then I am breaking it.”

Ritika pov:
“Okay!Then I am breaking it.“I heard him say.I was hell scared I just sat there to hear the thud sound but much to my surprise it never came.After mustering up some courage I went towards it and slightly opened the door and peeped through it but there wasn’t even a fly to be seen.I then came out completely and started looking here and there completely confused.Suddenly I felt two hands sliding through my waist.I had goosebumps all over my body.
“Gotcha!!” He said in a deep husky voice.I turned around to see him.
He was looking no less than a demon.Well!A handsome one though!Ritika!Get hold;get hold;don’t go there.Oh shit yaar!This gonadotrophic hormones;why do they need to interrupt in between?I was pulled out of my thoughts by a roaring voice.
“Why did u do that?“he asked.
“Huh?“I said confused.
“Why did u do that?“He asked again but this time by gritting his teeth.What is he asking?
“What?“I asked him.
“Are u deaf or do u have berry berry?“He asked me sarcastically.
“Umm when last time I checked on myself I neither was mad nor I had berry berry,but ya!by living with u I will surely get one.“I replied.
He grabbed me by my jaw and shouted,“Keep ur little mouth in check.It can lead u in serious problems in future.”
With that he pushed me towards towards a wall.My head got hit and I felt the whole world spinning around me.Suddenly my hairs were pulled in a fist and I whimpered in pain.He made me look at him.
“Listen jaan,don’t make me behave like a monster.Just do as I say”
With that he slapped me hard across my face and ordered me to first aid him.But I do have some respect.Who is he?Why should I listen to him?
I didn’t even budge from my place.

“Ohh,so u will not listen like this.Tough nut.I see.I would love to crack it jaan.“He said the last sentence in a deep husky voice near my ear.

With that he went somewhere.I didn’t even looked up to see where he went.After sometime I heard some faint footsteps.Suddenly I got hit very harshly by something.I looked upto see him holding a hockey stick in his hand.He then gave me another blow on my right arm.The pain was unbearable.It was like my muscles were stretched to is extreme or if they were crushed between something hard.

“Ahh..“I cried in atmost pain.

“Daksh,Please leave its hurting.Stop it.“I said in between my tears.I just kept on requesting him but he turned a deaf ear to me.After he felt fulfilled which was something around 20-25 blows he stopped.I was just lying on the floor whimpering in pain covered up in blood.I was relived but it was short lived.He again kicked me in my stomach very hard and went away.

I just laid there enduring all the pain he gave me.Each and every part of my body was hurting like hell.I wasn’t able to move even a cell of my body.Suddenly I was pulled upwards by him.

“Jaan,won’t u treat my wounds.“he said fake lovingly.I was having no strength left in me now to fight with him.So I just nodded and did what he said with shivering hands.

“So!There are some rules you have to follow if u want to live here.

Rule1:Do as I say.

Rule2:Never retort.

Rule3:U have to do all chores.

Rule4:U will have ur meal once in a day.

Rule5:No contacts with anyone.

Rule6:U have to sleep on this floor.

Rule7:Not allowed to go out of this house.If went u will see worst of me.

Rule 8:Never backanswer my mom.

Rule9:U have to live here like a slave.Well maid for others and personal slave for me.Umm I think that’s better.

Rule10:Last but not the least,after our awful beating session ur not allowed to cry.“Then he acted as if he was in deep thought and then said.“Silent tears allowed but whimpering and all no chance.Now go to sleep.The floor must be waiting for u.“He taunted me.Then he moved towards his bed and laid there covering himself in quilt.He switched on the a.c. and slept switching off the lamp beside his bed.I just laid on the cold floor.The a.c. was doing nothing good to me.Tears had paved their way from my eyes.I was just staring in no space and slowly sleep took a troll on me.

So as promised,you will get long and edited chapters from now onwards.

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