Motivational Ignorance

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Chp 11:Clue

2 months later....

Daksh pov:

I was sitting in my office working on the recent projects thats when I heard a knock on my cabin door.

“Come in” I said coldly.Abhijeet one of my trusted detective walked inside the cabin with a serious face.

“Did u got any clue?I don’t want to hear a no this time cause from last two months I am hearing that only.“I warned him.

“No this time I have something ...“He looked at me as if asking if he should continue or notwhich iI told him by giving a nod.

“Sir do u remember Mahir sir faced a accident something five months ago?“I nodded.

“So it was not really an accident .I was a trap thrown for his murder but luckily he survived.According to the sources ,The Maruti car which hit Mahir sirs car was under the name of Sumit Sakpal .When contacted he said his car was stolen 2 days ago the incident.Then afterwards we came to know that the car was driven by Aakash through the cctv’s of some nearby shops.We caught him and on further investigation he revealed that Eagle gang’s leader gave him a tip in association with ...ummm..“He lingered

“Say it fast.“I growled

“Umm..with association with Ritika Mam,I mean,ur wife,because sir came to know about their coccaine drug smuggling to Italy through ocean.“He said and then handed me some pics in which Tejpal,Ritika and Aakash are captured talking. Then he showed me the video where both of them paid some money to Aakash for his murder.But the video didn’t had any sound.

“But the thing doesn’t stop here,she herself played on her life and saved his life.Which is quiet confusing.“He said but my mind was just too focused on previous information and that evidences that I didn’t pay heed to whatever he said.I quickly gave him a nod and dismissed him.

After hearing all this I was just going mad with rage.I quickly pulled up my intercom and called my secretary.

“Yes,sir.“She said.

“Are there any important meetings scheduled for today?“I asked.

’no sir.“She replied.

“Okay,then I am going ,I have some work.Don’t call unless there’s an emergency.“I entered my personal elevator and rushed towards parking lot.All the while in elevator I was just tapping my foot impatiently.I sat in my white SUV and drove in full speed towards my home.Today no one is going to save her from me.

“Jaan!Jaan!Where are u?Schatz,come in front of me.“I started shouting as soon as I entered the house.

Ritika’s pov:

“Jaan!Jaan!Where are u?Schatz ,come in front of me.“I heard Daksh’s shouting from the living area.

“Pearle,come out,otherwise it won’t end up good.“He is super angry because when he is this much angry then only he calls me with so much of endearments.My blood has already started running cold.My hands and feet were trembling with fear.Palms had already started sweating.My mind had started to imagine all the possible ways he can beat me up.The maids present around me now started giving sympathetic looks.I mustered up all my courage and stood before him.

“So!finally madam decided to give me a darshan.“He taunted.

“Just cut the crap Daksh and tell me why were u shouting my name like a posssessed man?“Well, wrong move I guess...

I just looked at his now devilishly handsome face.Okay now I think that instead of Daksh somebody possessed my body.Umm...If I am given the opportunity of comparing then I would really like to say that he was looking no less than a raging bull. Huh.. even we can say a fire spitting dragon. Just think if he was a cartoon character, then his ears and nose would be emitting smoke right now.I unconsciously checked his ears and nose for some trances of smoke. Suddenly I heard a loud noise breaking me from my train of thoughts.

" What the heck do u think ur doing? “He shouted looking at me or glaring at me. Well, glaring would be much precise.

" Do u even know what do u keep on doing? Oh! Ya! Doing everything but still roaming around with this Bichari face. After today trust me u will really move with this Bichari face. But the difference will be it won’t be a fake one. “He spatted venomously. I didn’t understand a word he said.

He caught hold of my hand and moved towards our room.Oh god!This surely isn’t going to end up good.

“Well which night of urs end up good or which sunrise of urs lights up ur dark world?“My brain mocked me.I just sighed on my fate.But still this is going to be much more worst than I can think.Like always he dragged me to his room and threw me on the bed.I immediately regained my composure and stood up as fast as I can.

He raged towards me and held my jaw with his right hand.

“Why did u planned his murder?Why?“he asked me glaring all the way.His eyes were just spitting fire.

With lots of difficulties I asked,“whose?”

“Mahir”This one world was enough to make my world stop revolving.


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