Motivational Ignorance

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Chp 2:Unknown danger

Next day..Ritika’s pov:

I woke up to the sun shining brightly.The birds were chirping happily but for the world.I felt like they are soothing me.With lot of efforts I carried myself inside my room and had a nice hot shower.I came out wearing a pink off shoulder top and skinny jeans to go to college.I hided all the marks from yesterday night with the help of a concealer.I took my bag and started going to college.

As soon as I reached there, I was engulfed in a bone crushing hug by my bestie Akshata.She is the one who always hold my back in all situations,may what come.

“Rits..sss.. congrats girl!!!
U have got selected for Freeship Medical Scholarship by SADNA MEDICAL COLLEGE OF MUMBAI.So start packing girl.Wait first we need to go for shopping.Yay!Nice idea lets bunk the college.What say?”
I caught hold of her one ear and twisted it lightly while saying"What bunking ha?no way.First I need to take permission from my pa then we will see.”
U mean if he says no u will drop it.No way in hell.Come on u worked day n night for it man."Akshu i.e. Akshata argued.
Correction girl studiedI said.
Tsk..Tsk..whatever.“she replied.
After that we headed to our class the day was boring as usual except the lunch break.I came home at 5:14pm in the evening n started making dinner n remaining chores.After completing them I studied for a while.Soon my father returned n I asked him while having dinner.
"Pa,I have got a scholarship for studying medical through Sadna College.”

“Hmmm”said him.

“So I need to go to mumbai for it...” I stopped in my midsentence as he furiously got up n held my hairs roughly.
“You bitch!what do you think of me 'a fool'.I clearly know your intentions.You are going to runaway with any random guy.Hell will broke,but you will not go to Mumbai.”
I nodded my head in a no.He said,”Be ready tomorrow.There are people going to come to see you.Enough of this education drama now you have to get married.”
I was shocked by hearing his words I was not understanding what to do?So I took the decision which I felt correct.I packed my stuff and waited for the midnight.

Same time somewhere away from Ritika’s house..

Unknown person’s pov:

Hello.Are u keeping eye on her.In any condition she should not leave the city for the next ten days otherwise ur dead.Am I clear?“He said in his velvety deep texture which is heartmelting but at the same time intimidating too.
Crystal sir."He replied.
“Good.If she tries to runaway capture her.”He commanded.
“Okay sir as you wish.”Came the reply.
"Lets see,how you tackle this jaan.Haha...”His rich laughter echoed the room.

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