Motivational Ignorance

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chp 3:Kidnapped

A girl is seen walking along with bags on a silent road.Thats when a black Mercedes Benz comes from behind and put her forcefully in it.

Ritika’s pov:
I was walking silently,thats when I was suddenly pulled from behind and was tucked inside a car.
"What the hell is this and who are you?”I yelled.
The bulky man dressed in black from top to toe gave me a deadly glare saying to shut up.I was hitting him continuously and shouting for help when i felt a sudden pain in my neck region and slowly darkness overtook me.

After sometime I heard some noises.
“Yes sir.We have captured her.”
“No sir.she is still unconsious.”
“Okay sir,as you say.”
I don’t know who was,on the other side.
Then he turned towards me as soon as he saw me awake he offered me a water bottle n uncuffed my hands.
“what do you want from me?why had you kidnapped me?I don’t have any money please leave me.I want to pursue my studies.What have I done to you?See I don’t even know you.”I started my ranting.
"Hey do you always talk this much or today is a exception.”he said.
“Huh?”I said slightly confused of what he said earlier.
"well.Tell me about the drug smuggling which your father did to Italy.I want the details right now.Did you understand?”He asked.
"I don’t know what are you saying?And which smuggling?”I said confused.
"See,do not act smart.”he retorted.
This time I was angry,first this kidnapping and now this bloody questions,which I don’t know what they are asking.So I did the right thing which I felt at that moment,I kicked him hard where the sun doesn’t shines.
"ahh...”he yelped in pain.
serves u great.
"Well man you should not have angered her.How can you forget,birds of same feathers flock together.”A cute looking guy chirped.
"I hope you got your lesson.So don’t push me okay.”I theartened him.
They both nodded and said”Let the boss deal her.”

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