Motivational Ignorance

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Chp 4:Happy to be caged

Ritika pov:
It has been almost five days I am living here but I still don’t know about there boss.Well,life is good compared to my life back home.Atleast am not getting beaten up by my father.Oh!I also discovered their names,the guy whom I kicked is Rishi while the cute one is Dhruv.Both of them are treating me nicely.Waise toh,Dhruv can be called as a clown.He is a disaster in kitchen.Yesterday he went to make rice but came out drenched in rice flour.Only god knows how!
“Hey caged!what are you eating?”Dhruv asked me.While caged is my nickname given by the one and only clown Dhruv.
"Icecream,nothing much.”I replied shrugging.
“Oyye!It was mine.I had brought it yesterday but didn’t ate it,bcoz I wanted to enjoy alone.”Dhruv said,
“Your loss”I retorted.
“No way!give it to me.”He said while forwarding his hand.
“Dhruv,are you a kid?Your arguing for a icecream.”Rishi said coming out of nowhere.
“Yes come on Dhruv.I didn’t expected this from you.”I reasoned while Dhruv was looking at Rishi like he has grown two heads.
“You should have snatched it and hit her instead of sitting and arguing.”Rishi said leaving me dumbfounded.Then they exchanged glances and I understood they are upto something but before I could get into action,they caught hold of me and started tickling me.
“ sorry.....hahaah....” I was saying in between my laughs just then Dhruv’s mobile rang and he went out.I signaled Rishi asking who is it? while he just shrugged his shoulders indicating he too is unaware of it.After sometime he entered with a sad face and looked at me with pity.But why??

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