Motivational Ignorance

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chp 5:The Mysterious Boss

Ritika pov:
Right now I am travelling in a car with the two minions beside me.They are continuously giving me looks which say BE-READY- TO-FACE-HELL.Hehe..what am I thinking.I asked Rishi ”Rishi,can you plz lend me your phone.I want to call my bestie.Plz..Plz..”
“Acha baba...I got it.Now stop buttering me.”Rishi said and then searched for his phone.I must say he is careless.
Vaise,where r u guys taking me?" I asked again.
“None of your business,question bank.”Dhruv snapped at me.
If I said I was angry then it would be n understatement.I was hell furious.I asked them in a sarcastic tone“Plz enlighten how it is none of my business.”I said quoting it with my two fingers of both the hands.Rishi threatened"Do u want to talk to ur best friend or not..”I nod my head frantically indicating yes.

I called her,she picked up at some fourth ring.”Hello..”she said with uncertainity."Hello!its me Rits dear.”I said."Girl!where are you?Do you have any idea of how much worried am I?Are you in mumbai?Are you fine?where are you living first of all?”she fired me questions and people call me question bank.Well,sangat ka asar.I confronted saying,”Jeez!Breath!I don’t know where am I!I have got ..”But the phone was snatched from me by Rishi and said“Enough otherwise boss will kill us.”I protested but it just fell on deaf ears.After sometime we arrived at a mansion.It was just wonderful.I felt like I was starstruck.Suddenly a very handsome looking guy came in front of me.He had his hair spiked with gel.His grey orbs were boring into my chocolaty brown ones.The tux fitted him perfectly.His demeanor was screaming cold aura.The way he gazed at me made several shivers run down my spine.Something was odd with him!I was spelled by his eyes.
"Boss,we have got her.”Dhruv chirped bringing me in senses.
"Yeah!You both did a great job.Just go up and see the marriage preparations.Kyuki vadhu ka agman jo hogaya hai.”He said still looking into my eyes.
“Vadhu!kon vadhuv?And whose marriage?”I asked getting baffled.
“Its yours and mine,jaan.”He replied smirking at me.How much badly I wanted to slap that smirk off!
“Oh,hello mister!In which sane mind do u think I will marry u?And Iam not your jaan.My name is Ritika Shekhawat and what marriage,I am just 19 for gods sake man!”I backanswered.
"It seems you talk a lot.No matter you will learn afterwards.”He said.
“Huh”But suddenly two women appeared from nowhere and forcefully took me to a room.They injected me with something and I blacked out.

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