Motivational Ignorance

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Chp 6:Forced Marriage

Ritika pov:

I don’t know for how much time I was unconcious but when I woke up I found myself in a light pink coloured lehenga which has golden embroidery on it.Gosh!It weighed a tons.I must say I was looking good.I could have been happy if it was out of my consent.Suddenly someone barged into my room.He was the same person"The Mysterious Boss” who wants to marry me.I have not came across him once also then how come he knows me.
“Jaan!I must say you are a epitome of beauty.”He complimented after having a good look at me.I would have blushed for this but in hell I would now.
"Who the hell are you?why do you want to marry me?”I asked him my query,all the way glaring at him.
“Me.Iam your soon to be husband dear.”He told me.
“ sweet of you.”I said sarcasm dripping in my voice.
"Sarcastic,are we?”He said.
"See,I will not marry you.Ok.I will kill myself the very second..”I was cut by him as he pushed me to a wall and blocked me between him and the wall.His eyes spitting fire.I was hell scared from inside but didn’t show him on outside.
"Don’t worry dear.Your life is going to take a 360 degree turn from now on.Just come down.Am waiting and any tricks to escape;trust me your bestie’s life is on stake.”He threatened.
"No you can’t do this.You don’t know her.”I said in a low tone accepting a yes from him.
"Well,whatever makes you sleep at night.”
And he went away from there leaving me in my own reverie.After sometime the two minions came.I pleaded them but they did not pay any heed to me.I was made to sit beside him.The pandit ji was chanting mantras.He told him to apply vermillion on my forehead and he followed.He tied mangalsutra around my neck.I shivered as his cold fingers contacted at my neck.Then he told us to get up for the pehres.

Writers pov:

Boss:I take a oath that I will make her life a living hell.She will hate living.She will beg for death but I won’t give it to her.

Ritika:Keeping this holy fire as witness I promise myself that I will never let him break me and I will escape from this.

Now who is this so called boss n why he wants to destroy her life?For futher details keep reading.Till then see ya!n do vote n comment.Love u all..

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