Motivational Ignorance

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chp 7:Slap

Ritika pov:

After completing the marriage rituals he pushed me into the car.He ordered the driver to start the car and take us to home.Isn’t this his home?Ohh Rich brats yeah!!By the way what about his two minions?I was brought out from my reverie as I felt him pull my hairs in a fist and spoke,”Your countdown begins....”and with that he sealed his lips on mine.I tried pushing him away by hitting him on his chest.But he didn’t budge.He was way too powerful for me.Silent tears rolled down my cheeks as he continued his assualt.I was getting out of breath soon he left me panting hard.”Your a monster!!A beast!!How dare you did this to me!”I gave him a tight slap across his left cheek.

Boss pov
She slapped me.WHAT THE HELL!!SHE.SLAPPED.ME!!I pulled her harshly by her waist n roared,”You little minx!So much guts to slap me!I see..don’t worry you will get your payback with interests.Daksh Verma never keeps debts;returns with high interests.”And with that I harshly pushed her towards the window.Before I could do anything else my phone went off.I took it and saw my mom was calling me.I picked it up.
“Beta!where are you?”my mom asked panickly.
“Mom,I am on my way back home with an extraload too.”I said glaring at her.”Extraload means?”she asked questioningly."Means I married her mom.”I said.”what you married her?”Mom asked bewildered.“Yes,mom.Don’t worry its now their time to repent.I hope you know what I mean!”I said.“Yes beta,don’t worry I will make sure of it.”She said.“Thanks!May she get a grand welcome.”I smirked looking in her direction who was now looking outside from the window lost in her own thoughts.The whole ride was then silent.

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