Motivational Ignorance

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Chp 8:First Step in hell

Ritika’s pov:

I would just pray to god to keep that person in peace who called him now.I don’t know what my mistake is?I never came across this Daksh guy.But I think I have heard this name before.Well,I am unable to put a finger on it.I was so much happy that night while running away.Only if I knew that my dreams are going to get shattered like this.Love!Marriage!It was never my cup of tea and see where god has landed me.I don’t know why he hates me?His eyes just spit fire by seeing me.But if he hates me,then why did he married me in the first place?Isn’t marriage out of love?Man!I will get mad by thinking of all this.Questions are hundred but answers are none!I was just wondering how my life has really taken a 360 degree turn now.As I was thinking about this,the car suddenly came to an halt.And I saw a mansion from the window of the car. There was a huge garden,swing,various types of flowers and plants,fountains and what not.Did I just called it a mansion!Then scratch it!Its a freaking palace!!!!

“like what you see jaan?“Daksh asked while smirking at me.I quickly composed myself and glared at him saying,“I am not your jaan.”

“Yeah,right your my wifey.“He said.It irked me.I just stomped my foot on his one.Well the only difference is he was wearing a shoe and I was wearing a three inched pencil heel sandal.He shouted in pain and held his left leg in his hand while I smirked at him.

“Well!Don’t worry I will return it with interests ardhangini."He said it by adding a flying kiss.I just felt disgusted by his acts and kept looking forward with a poker face.

When we were at the dooorstep his mom was waiting with a pooja thali in her hand.She was glaring at me all the while.After that she told me to kick the kalash filled with rice.Her face was glowing like she got her favourite candy.I felt something fishy.I didn’t move my leg.She was desperately waiting for me to kick it.

“Bahu!Its a ritual you should perform it."She whined.But my reply just made her eyes to pop out from her sockets;Daksh was also pretty taken aback.

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