Grian Holmes

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Grian watched as the cloaked figure reached the rooftops in a single bound. Sitting up, he realised that Spring-Heeled Jack ha got away. When Grian Holmes, great-grandson of Sherlock Holmes, arrives in the city of London for the great detective's funeral, he meets a strangely dressed man who claims to be one of Sherlock's friends. He explains that he and Sherlock were in on the greatest conspiracy in the 18-1900's: Demon Investigations! Now Grian must cope with his loss, and a host of Demons, Ghouls and Spooks that haunt the city. How's THAT for a 17th birthday!?

Mystery / Action
Yours Truly
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Into The Night

Grian Holmes stepped off the train and took a deep breath that sent him into a coughing fit that lasted until he walked onto the streets of London. Hasn’t changed at all, Grian thought, smiling sadly.

As far as the city stretched, Grian could see the bright lights of every single building and lampost. As he walked down the cobblestone roads, the cloud that had been hanging over London finally started to let go of its load.

As the rain came slowly down, Grian pulled on his coat and his top hat to keep the water off before setting off into the polluted, concrete jungle he once called home.

Grian was just passing by a bakery he had enjoyed as a child when he heard a scream. Without a second thought, Grian ran into the nearby alley and entered the labyrinth of the city.

He rounded a corner and ran into another side street just as it ringed with a third scream. Up ahead, a woman was held against the wall by a tall, thin man in a black coat and battered top hat. “HEY!” Grian shouted, causing the man to turn his head.

Grian stepped back in shock. The man's face was a sickly green colour with a mouth full of long, crooked teeth that were sharpened to a point. His ears were slanted and poked out from underneath his hat.

A twisted smile cracked across the man's face as he leapt at Grian, but a deafening blast sent a bullet whizzing over Grian's shoulder. A spurt of blood shot out of the man's arm as a figure stepped out of the shadows.

The disfigured man snarled at the newcomer before running back into shadows. Grian watched as the man reached the rooftops in a single bound before disappearing over the slanted rooftops.

"Thanks for that..." Grian said to his saviour, but when he turned around, the figure was gone.

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