Love Me Until I Die (BxB)

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Tyler was a regular 18-year-old who had high hopes for his future but everything changed when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Unsure of what to do, he listened to his sister's advice and decided to go to college where he tried his best to enjoy his remaining days. Unfortunately it seemed like his wish of having a peaceful life wasn't going to come true either as the serial killer started murdering students on campus. When the police refused to further investigate because of the lack of evidence, Tyler took matters into his own hands and tried to catch the killer on his own.

Mystery / Thriller
Oliver Dunham
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“Uh... What the fuck do you mean by ‘I need a break’?” An angry growl escaped my mouth as I slowly backed away from the person standing in front of me.

“We’ve been together for so long and now you’re telling me you have 6 months left to live...” Nick breathed out an exhausted sigh before his hands dropped down on his thighs. “I just need time to adjust and devour all this new information. I don’t understand why you’re overeating.”

“What? Have you gone mad?” I clenched my fists to maintain my inner peace. “I just told you that I have cancer and I will die soon and instead of, I don’t know, comforting me like a normal person would, you chose to tell me that you need a break. And now I can’t even get angry at you?” I shook my head and wrinkled my forehead. “You could have just told me you were dumping me. There’s no need to sugar-coat it.”

“No, Tyler, I don’t want to break up with you.” He took a step forward so that our bodies would only be a few inches apart. “Please, be reasonable, I’m just asking for a few weeks. That’s all.”

“A few weeks?” My eyes widened in disbelief and my top lip curled upwards at one side. “I don’t even have a day to lose, you rat, and you want to leave me for weeks?”

“Ugh, stop throwing a tantrum! You’ll have your family next to you. Nothing will happen if I take a vacation from all this chaos. Being understanding is the least you can do...” Nick rose his nose as he exhaled angrily.

“Oh, I understand. A little Nickolas wants to take a vacay, doing who knows what, while I wait for his return like a little puppy. Isn’t that right?” I looked at him with a piercing gaze, trying to comprehend this whole mess that was taking place in my home. “News flash, you wanker, I’m not stupid. If you think I’m just going to sit here and watch you fuck around then you don’t know me at all.”

“Ugh... Tyler, you need to stop acting like a spoiled brat.” He gave me a dirty look. “Not everything is about you. I have feelings too. I need space.”

“Fine, if that’s what you really want. I’ll give you space.” I couldn’t believe my ears. I was so frustrated at him. But I was even angrier at myself. I had no idea why I wasted so much energy on someone who wouldn’t even give me the time of day. “You know what, that’s absolutely fantastic. I completely agree so let’s end this once and for all because I never want to look at your face again. Do me a favor and get the fuck out of my house.”

“C’mon! Don’t be like that.” Nick reached out for my hand but my body swayed to the opposite direction just as his fingertips were about to make contact. “You know I love you, baby. This is only temporary.” He then smirked cheekily and straightened his posture. “Give me a goodbye kiss before I go, okay?”

“I swear if you don’t get lost right now I’ll beat you up so sorely even the best plastic surgeons won’t be able to make you look like a human again.” When I looked up, I had a face like thunder, and his self-satisfied smug smile quickly faded away.

“Are you actually angry at me?” Nick’s facial expression altered into something more serious. “Baby, you have to trust me. I’m doing this for both of us.”

“Oh, really?” I quickly reconstructed my features to form a sarcastic grin. “And how exactly is this beneficial for me?”

“Of course it is. You’ll get to have more time to focus on yourself.” He rose his eyebrow as if he was stating the obvious.

“Bullshit! You only care about yourself.” I pursed my lips and wrinkled my nose.

“Do you want us to end up like your parents? I’m trying to save our relationship! I am not the bad guy here.” Nick’s face fell as soon as he realized how much that sentence hurt me, especially coming from him. “Tyler... I... um... I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to say what I said. It’s just that... I wasn’t thinking. Please, forgive me.”

“Get out.” I sulked and a quiet groan escaped my mouth before I turned my back against him.

“No, please, I’m sorry.” Nick closed the distance with a few steps and tried massaging my shoulder but I removed his palm as soon as it touched my shirt.

“Get the fuck out!” I shouted before grabbing his collar and dragging him towards the door and throwing him out violently.

I slammed the door in his face and fell to the floor as a single tear dropped onto my cheek. I wiped it away with my wrist and replaced it with a cold and dark expression.

“Open up, Tyler,” Nick’s shaky voice echoed from underneath. “I need to talk to you.”

I gave him no response. Instead I stood up and walked away.

“Just open the fucking door!” He smashed his fists against the wooden surface with rage.

“You’re dead to me, Nick.”

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