Easily Breakable

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I wasn't prepared for this. I wasn't supposed to find out. I'm not supposed to be here with them. Yet, here I am. Arianna Gallardo is changing. Changing cities, schools, houses, friendship. Now he must figure out which way to go. When she meets one stranger, he shows her that the impossible can happen, that it isn't just myth and fairytales, it's reality too. She meets someone else, and he shows her that it's not as easy to be broken as she thought. Now, she's caught in both of their webs, trying to escape, or trying to decide between Kaleb and Daniel. But Arianna is more worried about if she'll make it out alive...

Mystery / Romance
Jadlynn Hagler
5.0 2 reviews
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Remember that one moment in time, when you decide that you want to think about where you're going in life, because you've already been procrastinating for so long? That's happening to me right now, except I don't have much time left, at all.

Why? Because that moment is happening to me right now. I don't know what, or who, or where I should choose. The walls are coming down now though. My world is crumbling. All because I found out that one huge secret. Things are extremely complicated now and I feel like my heart and I are being torn in half, like a fragile piece of paper. Shattered like glass. It's so easy, because we are just so breakable...

A/N Hi my dear readers! I just wanted to tell you guys that if you go to my profile and follow me, I'll follow back and you can stay posted on all of my updates, new books, and I even let people help me choose what to write next! I used to go and follow and thank everyone individually, but there are a lot of people adding my stories so it's just a lot of work, so be sure to follow me and I'll follow back:)

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