Blue Line Detective

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Detective Isobel Callahan is the precinct's finest detective. With her sassy, but protective personality the city will have cases solved. Blue Line Detective will take you into Isobel Callahan's life as a Detective, and through multiple cases. But it'll take a toll on her as she solves them especially the T-932 rape-assault case. Two girls who are the victims' of the T-932 case are afraid to testify against the suspect 20 years ago. When an abundance of cases start reappearing, Isobel Callahan discovers she is tied into the T-932 case. With her memories coming back into this particular case she'll have to quickly decide how to handle herself, keep her emotions in check, and learn to ask for help when it is right in front of her. Isobel must rely on her partner not to disclose her information to allow her to continue working on this case. Isobel Callahan and Gregory Scott make the perfect team pairing together to solve the T-932 case.

Mystery / Thriller
Morgan Dufty
4.6 7 reviews
Age Rating:

Chapter One

It was about 6:45 in the morning on a Saturday. Isobel Callahan was laying there in bed half asleep, trying to get a little more sleep when she heard someone parked outside with their loud music blaring. Blaring this early in the morning? She was due up for work at 7:00am. "Sure, what is 15 minutes less of sleep going to hurt?" she said while she sat up and turned off her alarm clock. Isobel, then walked over to the window to see exactly what was going on. She looked down at the car, there sat a red mustang. She looked up at the dark clouds rolling in and the wind picking up. She had shut her window and sat down at the end of her bed.

Isobel peered into her closet as her phone rang. She glanced down at her phone as it read "Detective Scott" Isobel leaned her head back and closed her eyes and threw her head down. She answered her phone.


"Hey, it's Scott. Can you get over here to Main Street & 9th?"

"Yeah give me 10" Isobel replied as she stood up and walked into her closet then hung up.

Isobel looked through her clothes and grabbed an outfit then got dressed. In front of the mirror, Isobel had her long brown hair put up, she put on a peach long sleeve shirt and gray pants. As she walked out she grabbed her gun, keys, and handbag. Isobel was one of the top detectives in the city. She was single, no kids, and loved her job. She had a rough childhood, but makes it through her cases.

"Main & 9th?" Isobel said as she drives looking at the street signs. "Ahh.... there you might be with the dead body." Isobel said as she pulls over to the side and grabs her notepad. As Isobel gets out of the car, she walks over to the scene and Detective Scott lifts the caution tape for Isobel to come under.

"What do we have?" Callahan asked.

"21-Year-Old deceased male stab wounds to the back, no witnesses in the area, no cameras from what we can see, we are checking with traffic cameras and other cameras," Scott replied

"Anyone I.D. the vic?" Callahan asked.

"His name is Wayne Taylor," Scott Replied.

Callahan inspected the victim and went around the crime scene to look for more evidence.

"The knife is over here. Have them collect this knife for prints to get an ID on the perp," Callahan replied while walking away.

Detective Gregory Scott followed Isobel as she walked back to her car.

"Yes?" Isobel said as she opened her door and looked at him.

"Have you had breakfast?" Scott replied.

"No, but I am not starving. Thank you for the offer, though." Isobel replied as she got in the car and drove to the Precinct.

As she arrived to the precinct Isobel got in the elevator, she pressed #3...

"Light up." she said .... She hit it again...

"Well, maybe the light is burned out." She said while grasping the handles of her handbag tighter.. The elevator stopped at #2 and let a few officers on, of which press #3, it lights up.

"You light up for them," she says with a sarcastic tone. One officer replied, "Excuse me?"

"Oh, no. This elevator has a love hate relationship with me. Especially my floor." Callahan said with an embarrassed tone while pushing up her sleeve to look at her watch.

The elevator stops at floor 3, she gets out and stops in front of the elevator doors and feels the breeze as the doors slam closed behind her "I felt that" Isobel says as she smirks and walks towards her desk swinging her arm. As she walked toward her desk, she made sure it was still clean. Isobel has always been an organized person. If anything out of place, missing, touched, she will be angry with you. If you need something ask her, or if files are on her desk, she has arranged them a certain way, so she knows where they are.

Isobel almost had her butt in the chair of her desk until the captain phoned her into the office. Isobel peered with squinting eyes through the glass of captain's office from her desk. She stood half-way back up and brushed her pants and smiled while walking over there.

"Yes, Sir?" Callahan said while walking in there."I have an assignment for you and Scott" Captain Waters replied with a serious look on his face."It is the T-932 Case." Captain Waters replied "Isn't that a closed case?" Callahan said while taking the file "No, it is a classified case. In which you and Scott are working on now" Captain waters said with a stern voice."You're excused." Captain Waters said while sitting back down at his desk.

As Isobel walked back to her desk, she looked and noticed a coffee cup sitting here. She sighed and stopped in her tracks. She looked around the precinct to see who would have put it there. Not noticing anyone doing anything unusual, everyone is either working, interrogating, on the phone, on their computer, or simply not at their desk. No one is acting unusual. Isobel wasn't sure who exactly it was.

Isobel was so particular about her coffee. Hazelnut, Hot. Nothing more. Nothing Less. Everyone here knows her order. She continued back to her desk and put the file in her locked desk drawer and turned on her computer to open up her emails.

Staring at the coffee just sitting on her desk, she wonders who to thank. Part of her wonders if it came from Gregory Scott. Gregory Scott would do this kind of thing, but she hadn't seen Greg around here yet today. She hadn't seen him since the call this morning. Isobel takes a sip of the coffee and smiles. The taste is so rich. Still real warm and such a decadent flavor of Hazelnut. She takes one more sip and then puts it down next to her picture of a quote on her desk which reads "The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us but those who win battles we know nothing about."

Isobel sits there and smiles as she reads that quote while replaying some life events in her head. She closes her eyes and tries to keep a straight focused face on the case ahead. She tries to remember why she got into this line of work to begin with. It was for her. It was for her sister; It was for a better life and to help those around her who have gone though the same thing she's been though.

"Your time to shine, your time to help, your time to focus," Isobel said to herself as she smiled.

"Hey, there you are." Scott said as he walked up from behind Isobel. Isobel swings her chair around.

"Hey here I am," she said as she shrugs her shoulders and clicks her pen looking up at Scott with her legs crossed, and elbow on the desk.

"So have any Ideas on how you want to approach this case?" Isobel asked while she taps her pen on the desk.

"Well, we have to get more leads on it first, get a timeline going.." Scott said while looking at Isabel's coffee cup.

"Who got you coffee?" He asked with his hands on his hips

Isobel looks at her coffee cup and points at it with her pen... "This? I don't know?" "I had thought, you or someone here since It is normally what I get." She said.

"Jealous of someone else buying me coffee there Scott?" she said while raising one eyebrow.

"No, I was just curious. But I am glad I didn't buy one on the way here like I was going to.." He replied with the most concerned voice.

"Well, I would have drank two coffees. Just so you know, your coffee would have been more important than this one." She said with a smile.

Callahan stands up and grabs the file and walks to the meeting room with Scott.

"Ok, So what do we know so far about this case?" Scott said while pulling out a chair to sit.

Callahan pulls the top off of a black marker and writes on a white board, "20 years ago. Two girls raped (both under the age of 13), thought we had the guy, he wasn't the right guy they thought, and new cases are popping up. People are afraid to testify, throwing out false names." Callahan replies while writing info on the white board.

"Have we spoken yet to the people individually?" asked Scott.

"No, we just got handed this case today." Replied Callahan

"We start by getting ahold of vic's to conduct interviews. Then we will go from there," Scott replied.

"I'll start making calls" replied Callahan as she stood up, grabbed her coffee cup and files and walked back to her desk.

Isobel sat down slowly at her desk, observing everyone around her still wondering about that coffee. Isobel's phone at her desk rang.

"Detective Callahan." She answers as she finished plopping down at her chair almost falling back. She grabs a pen and paper and takes down notes.

"5132? We will be there. Thank you" Callahan replied as she said while writing down the address.

Isobel hangs up and finishes writing down notes pertaining to her call in which read:

5132 Cartel Street

Vic's Cafe Meet with Ashley Johnson


While turning her computer monitor off and organizing her desk quickly before she left Isobel peered over to the Chief's office and noticed Detective Scott in with him. Dusting off her desk, while wondering what discussion is taking place she stood up and started walking toward his office.

Isobel knocked on the door.

"Hey, we have a Meetup regarding the case. Ready to head out?" Isobel said while tapping the edge of her folder, making sure not to step foot into the office to avoid any unnecessary delay. She backed up, turned around, and walked toward the elevator.

As Isobel approached the elevator, she pressed the down button and felt the breeze of Detective Scott from behind her. As he stopped, she noticed he smelled of a heavy cologne, coffee, and aftershave.

"You didn't have to run." Isobel said while looking softly over her shoulder with a smile. "I would have waited for you in the lobby." She followed up as she stepped into the elevator while running her fingers through her long brown hair.

Isobel pressed the lobby floor button, and again. To her dismay, it does nothing.

"Let me get that.." Scott says while hitting the button

The button lights up.

"Look, It would have eventually went." Isobel said while crossing her arms and leaning back against the back of the elevator and closing her eyes.

"It just takes a bit with me, but I eventually get to where I want to go with this chunk of metal." she adds.

"Well, I would rather get to our meeting with the victim in a timely manner, instead of having the elevator decide when it'll release us to our job." Scott replies while looking at his watch as the elevator dings while arriving at the lobby floor.

As the door swings open, Isobel opens her eyes and just about gets ready to check her watch.

"It's 11:43" Scott blurts out just as she lifts the sleeve of her jacket to peer at her watch.

"Well, in that case, let's get moving a little faster." Isobel replied while stepping out of the elevator and nodding at the front desk with a friendly smile.

Isobel always got along with everyone. But she had an attitude when you wanted to cock one with her. But, mostly she was easy to work with, she had your back, and everyone had hers.

It was cloudy; it had rained once or twice already today; The air smelled of musky rain, there were leaves all over the street, twigs on the road. Cars had lined the narrow street surrounding the 4th precinct. There was so much traffic. Not sure why everyone would even want to be out on such a rainy day. But on days like today seemed to be the most things happening. Almost like no one would pay attention.

Isobel looked down the street as a habit of hers to make sure no one would hit her as she got into the drivers' seat of the car.

"Ok. The address. Cartel Street, Vics Cafe" Isobel said while buckling up and starting the car and started to drive to the cafe.

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