The Secrets of X-Island

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A perfect mystery psychological thriller with superhero elements. A college boy (Ethan) who wanted to unveil the identity of his unenlightened father, trapped in the world of mysterious frenetic crime. Go to the adventure along with Ethan to uncover the secrets of X-Island.

Mystery / Fantasy
Mohit kumar
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The 9th Trial

July, 1910

Somewhere at the borders of San Francisco:

It was morning of a summer day in early July. Henry Wilson, the owner of Harvey and Mary Zoo can be heard yelling at his two assistants Paul and Willie from outside the zoo. He was irritated by their sluggishness. Henry Wilson was the man with long messy tangled grey hair, hipster beard and the Wild West mustache. He always preferred to wear his filthy covert coat and muddy boots, he was wearing them for months without washing. He was 50 years old but working with the same enthusiasm as he had 25 years ago.

He bought this privately owned zoo from an animal loving couple Harvey and Mary in 1908. He did not bother to turn the name of zoo after his name because he did not care about the zoo or the animals in the zoo. The only thing he cared about was his scientific research, which he was probing and studying for last 10 years.

Henry Wilson was a scientist whose area of interest was cells and tissues of living bodies. He had been researching on a theory for last six years and had done experiments on animals, 8 times but failed each time. In his experiment, he used to inject some sort of colored liquid or serum in the body of an animal and hoped for desired results but the abnormal inflammation of the body tissues occurred and the animal consequently died. He had done experiments on cats, dogs, rabbit and an old tiger. He managed to hide all the research and experiments from everyone. The only living persons on the Earth who knew about his research were his two brainless, half-baked assistants Paul and Willie.

Paul and Willie were used to be cleaner and swabber in the company where Henry Wilson worked before. But to carry out his research, Doctor Wilson required accompaniment which should dumb, reliable and could not raise any question and suspicion against him. So he hired them and started doing experiments with their help.

For the world outside the zoo, Doctor Henry Wilson was an animal-lover but he had his own hidden secrets and ambitions. Buying the zoo amplified the pace towards his goal and finally the day had arrived when they were going to do his 9th trial for his serum.

Paul and Willie had made the platform ready and fastened the lion tightly on it so that it could not budge. Doctor Wilson came with his metal case. He opened it and took out the bright green colored serum. He commanded his assistants to stay away from the chamber and injected the serum into his neck.

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