The Secrets of X-Island

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A Mysterious Card

October, 2020

Somewhere in the New York City:

A college lad was getting ready for his college. He was in hurry as he had been late already. He was contemplating the time left and the distance of five kilometers, he had to travel to reach his college. He was a second year undergraduate engineering student and his first class of French language was about to start in just five minutes. While assembling his books and gadgets in his bag, he heard a knock on the door. “Coming” he responded loudly and rushed to open the door.

A man wearing hooded black cloak was standing at the door holding a card in his hand. He was wearing a mask which covered majority of his face. He advanced his hand and handed him the card. Before the lad could think something, the mysterious man departed.

The lad noticed that something was written on the card in French.

’Félicitations, vous êtes éligible à nous rejoindre pour du bon travail. Soyez prêt dans cinq minutes.’

“Bienvenue sur X- île”

He was not good at French and he was in hurry so did not bother to read and contemplate. He threw that away in the street. “Someone must be trying to prank me, most probably one of my friends” he thought and went inside to collect his bag and books.

He went inside and felt someone’s presence. Two big muscleman in the same attire as the man who knocked on the door, appeared. The lad tried to escape but a third man came in from outside and closed the door. This was the man who gave him the card. “You should have read the card properly” said one of the muscleman while advancing towards him and thrashed a punch in his head. He fainted. “Unconscious in just one blow” the muscleman chuckled. “The college lads are so weak nowadays. How is he going to sustain the coming trauma” said another muscleman. He injected some liquid in his neck and uttered “He is not going to wake up for at least four days.”

They put his body in a wooden crate and placed it along with other crates filled with plastic household items, in their Cutaway van chassis and drove off.

A group of school boys were passing through the street. One of them found a card lying on the ground. He picked it up and tried to read something written on it but he could not. The text was in a language which was unfamiliar to him. He turned curious to break the code as it seemed a code to him. He brought that card with him. He felt proud when he smashed a French code with the help of Google.

‘Congratulations, you are eligible to join us in good work. Be ready in five minutes.’

“Welcome to X-Island”

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