The Secrets of X-Island

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The Blank Section

November, 2020

Pasadena, California:

“Ethan, wake up, it is already 8 o’clock, you will be late for your college” Karen shouted hurriedly while assembling her stuffs in her baggu. Karen was a working woman who lived with his 19 year old son ‘Ethan’. With this call she departed for the grocery store, where she worked.

Ethan was still sleeping. He had his college from half past nine. Beside his bed, there lied a nightstand. An alarm clock and some books were chaotically placed on it and on it’s another corner a picture frame was installed. The frame exhibited a picture which had three equal sections. One section showed his picture while the other showed his mother’s and the third section was blank.

Ethan was working on a college project late night. He was a second year, undergraduate engineering student at California Institute of Technology and was a distinguished, sharp minded boy in the college. He still lived with her mother because her mother did not allow him to live separately due to some reasons unknown to him. He did not know, who his father was. He left a section blank for his father, in his family picture frame. He had hoped that one day, the blank section would be habited.

Ethan generally asked his mother about his father but she did not reply properly and averted those questions. Sometimes this behavior of his mother turned him rude and eventually caused chaos and hardships. After one such situation of distress, her mother, sobbing like a child, told Ethan calmly “Your father was not a good man. He created a lot of problem for them. He was very selfish and to save you from him, we separated. I moved to Pasadena when you were very small and since then I have not seen your father again.”

After that day, Ethan stopped asking about his father. He still kept that blank picture frame because he had a little hope to meet his father someday and fill the blank section.

It was 9:15 am and Ethan was going to his college briskly. On the way, in a grocery shop, a news anchor was delivering recent news, on the news channel.

“A college boy in New York City has gone missing and even after the five days of the incident, police got no trace. This is the third case when a college lad goes missing in last three month and police is clueless in all the three cases. Is this an act of a gang or the………………………………………”

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