The Secrets of X-Island

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The Arrival of 'El'

“Have you looked at your watch, it is 9:30 and you are thirty minutes late” said professor to Ethan when he entered the class. “Sorry Sir, I got a late night project to do” he replied and moved hurriedly towards his seat. He had to take three classes today in his college.

At 3 pm, Ethan was coming back from his college. Generally he returned with his friend in his car, but that day his friend was absent and he had to drag himself on foot.

A man wearing black hooded cloak was sitting on the roadside bench alongside footpath, holding a black mask in his hand. He was about 48 years old. He was gazing at the travelling people and wayfarers passing through him. He had a photograph of Ethan displayed in his smartphone and was trying to conform it to the passers-by. When he saw a nonchalant 19 year old boy, lost in his thoughts, passing through him on footpath, he looked back at the photograph and realized that his search had been over. He put his smartphone and the mask in his pocket and started following Ethan.

Ethan was unaware of the mysterious follower. He kept on walking nonchalantly until he was interrupted by the mysterious follower.

“Hey, Ethan, stop” the man shouted from behind, while following him. This yell brought Ethan out of his thoughts, he paused and turned to see the visitor.

“You just called me” Ethan asked.

The man came to him and replied “Yes, I need to talk--”.

“What kind of clothing is it?” Ethan interrupted.

“Listen kid, I need to talk something very important to you, so can we sit somewhere and talk” the man asserted.

“But I do not know who you are” Ethan said.

The man replied “My name is ‘El’ and when we will talk, you will know more about me.”

“Wait” Ethan said with little surprise, “Your name is ‘El’, is it not like girls’ name?”

“No…. No, not ‘El’ but the alphabet ‘L’” the man declared.

“So, this is code name…., but I will call you ‘El’ only” Ethan chuckled.

“Stop being a little child, and listen to me carefully” El asserted, “We are going to that Coffee house, so come with me, it is very important.”

El went towards the Coffee house and Ethan followed reluctantly. El took his cloak off and held it in his arm. Both sat down facing each other in the Coffee house.

El asked “Have you ever done something unusual… or….like”

“No, I don’t do weird things” snapped Ethan carelessly.

“I mean, have you ever notice something in you---, which is uncommon” said El calmly.

“No” replied Ethan quickly and nonchalantly.

“I know, you are a bright and brilliant minded boy but you are careless, admit it!” said El sharply.

“I do admit. But how do you know?” Ethan chucked.

“Know what?” El asked angrily.

“That, I am a brilliant minded boy” said Ethan.

“Everyone knows” El annoyed.

“No--, not everyone, a girl whom I am very attracted to, lives in my locality, does not know” said Ethan with grief.

“You are reckless, but I know something which is really grave and deep for you.” said El calmly.

“What?” Ethan asked.

El replied “Identity of your father”.

“Do you know my father, where is he?” asked Ethan eagerly.

“That is why, I am here, to make you see your father someday” replied El.

“What does that mean? -- Can I not meet him today?” Ethan said gravely.

“No, you cannot meet him like what you are. You have to be trained, disciplined and when you become eligible, you will be called and then you can talk to him, ask him whatever you want to ask since childhood. He will be with you, for rest of your life.” El explained.

“But how will I train myself?” Ethan investigated.

“You have to come with me to my city, where I will make you eligible. I will take two months. But after that you will have your destiny with you.” Said El.

“But, -- my mother, -- she will not allow me to come with you” gasped Ethan.

“You have to choose, just two months, and you can bring your father back to your mother.” said El, “Tomorrow, I will be waiting for you at Pasadena, Railway Station. Meet me there at 11 am sharp. Luckily, I already have two tickets. See you! Tomorrow”.

After saying this El went away from the Coffee house left Ethan distressed.

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