The Tale of Detective Phil George

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After a body turns up, Internal Investigations Detective George is told solve this case by any means necessary.

Mystery / Action
Preston Tucker
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Phil's Mission


Phil slides a pair of white gloves on. His blue uniform jacket is crisp and clean. The leather strap running across his body is properly positioned along his shoulder, trailing down to his waist. The strap clips into his gun belt disguised around his midsection. His pistol a Glock 22. Is inside a polished holster on his right side. On his left, evenly placed are two extra magazines and a sword. Instead of a Fang Saber, he holds a narrow sword the width and length of a nightstick. The blade is made of the strongest titanium, it can fold out like a nightstick only with edged steel. Three layers of the sword fold out at the draw. It can only retract by being placed into its host scabbard. Lastly he laces up his polished boots.

Today is his first assignment as a police officer. He had spent the last seven months in training, he would begin today by meeting his friend for brunch. She had been dying to see him. Phil missed her dearly and wondered how she was getting on. From Ann’s letters she appeared to be doing fine, she told Phil that Thomas was good to her.

Phil had no doubt that his former best friend would prove equal to the task. Phil loved Ann but that love out of respect for her needs to be the love a friend. He has no illusions; their lives will never be romantically involved.

He is staying in a room above a Pub.

Leaving his rented room, he walks into the stable and finds his horse Whisper is saddled and ready. Phil gives the groom a silver coin for saddling his horse. Putting his heels into his mount, it silently moves forward. That is why Phil named him as such. He trotted down the cobblestone street, now he made a noise but it blended in with the sounds of the city.

The pub is only a mile from the café he is meeting his friend Ann at. The café is in between a butcher shop and a cobbler. Outside the café at the hitching stations Phil spots several of Ann’s guards lingering at the entrance.

He nods to them. One of them holds out his hand in friendship. “Looking sharp, blues a good colour on you.”

“Thanks Dustin, tell you the truth chaps, I feel a could shit my britches at any moment, I got summoned to 1PP on my first day. I was just hoping to be on patrol for a few years.”

“Maybe they are just assigning you to a new precinct you are SPD they like to move you guys around.” Says Dustin “She is inside towards the back; Jenny is sitting at the table with her.” Jenny is Ann’s bodyguard. She stays by Ann’s side at all times.

Phil enters the café and removes his cap; everyone looks up from their plates at the officer in his shiny and crisp uniform. He notices her golden hair from across the room. Ann’s face lights up seeing Phil approach. She stands to meet him, when Ann stands she grips her lower back. Her face is still beautiful, but the pregnancy made her face slightly fuller. Her baby bump isn’t massive but at 8 months, being as small as Ann’s is, she slow to move... Her adopted son Robbie is in a highchair, he has baby food to put in his mouth Jenny lifts a spoon to his mouth..

“Wow this is so fancy.” Says Ann when Phil leans down for her to kiss his cheek. “You look very handsome and so official.” He blushes at her acknowledgement.

“Have you ordered yet?” Asks Phil helping Ann back to her seat.

“No, I wanted to wait for you.” A server walks over and pours Phil a cup of coffee and Ann some more water.

“What would you like to order.”

“I will have a buttered roll and two kippers” Says Phil. Ann makes a scrunchy face at his order, he smiles at her face.

“May I have toast and two eggs over easy?” Asks Ann.

“Right away My Lady.” Says the woman with a bowed head Ann looks uncomfortable at the waitresses acknowledgment.

“You breath is going to smell wonderful having fish this early.” Mocks Ann.

“Good thing Police Officers don’t kiss the people they help.” Jokes Phil as Ann chuckles.

A photographer snaps a photo from the shop window. The flash momentarily blinds them. Phil observes Ann’s guards pulling him away.

“They really are giving you the Royal treatment.”

“It is so strange, my whole life I lived in the shadows and now I can’t move without someone trying to look at me.”

“How’s Robbie?”

“You see him, the boy won’t stop growing. He is very sweet and loving, his sister will be very lucky to have him.” Phil did a double take and looks at Ann.

“You’re having a girl? Ann that’s wonderful news.” Phil smiles at Ann and places a hand on hers. “Why don’t you look happy about that, you don’t want a girl?”

“No I am just a little worried. Actually I am excited about it. But I am wondering if Thomas will be disappointed and the media what will they say. I don’t want anyone to hate her…”

“Ann look at me, that girl will have so many people to love her it won’t matter what the media thinks. I am not Thomas’s biggest fan at the moment but, I know he is going to love her just as much as he loves Robbie.” Ann’s frown turns to a smile.

“You always know how to make me feel better; I wish you were going to be at the wedding. I would feel a lot better if you were there. There is supposed to be 1,000 people at the church. Thomas said there won’t be a reception we will just have some people at Timothy House. Maybe you can come for cake?” She looks at him with those piercing blue eyes of hers.

“I wish I could, I don’t know what this assignment is going to be yet. Ann you will do great, the people of this village, your friends and family love you.”

“Thanks Phil.” Says Ann. She looked more relaxed when he was around her. He said his goodbyes once they finished eating. He had to be on his way. But when he leans in for a hug his right-hand rests on her stomach. He feels a kick which brings a smile to his face.

“I think she likes you.” Speculates Ann.

“That’s a wild feeling.”

“I know it really is something else. Phil take care of yourself out there. There is a lot of crazy people.”

“You watch too much news. I will be careful, good luck tomorrow.” He kisses her on the cheek and departs.

He left the Village of the Branch by horse. Turning onto Main Street he wades through the crowds of the city. He breaks free of the crowd after a slow walk for half a mile. Kicking Whisper into a trot he makes up time. The City of Main Street stretches from the North to the South of the settlement. Ten percent of Smithtown’s population is concentrated in this city.

1PP is the headquarters for the SPD or the Smithtown Police Department, currently 40,000 officers strong they are charged with keeping the peace inside and outside the walls for the nearly five million strong population. The building is ten stories tall. Phil enters the building and looks at the directory near the elevator.

Internal Affairs 3rd floor suite 303.

That is his destination.

He sits in a waiting room in suite 303. Phil waits for nearly fifteen minutes, another officer dressed like him pokes his head into the waiting room. “Officer George we are ready for you now.”

Phil walks over to the door and follows him through the office. He sees officers in their uniforms answering phones and working on computers. He hopes he won’t be shoved into a cubical.

Eventually he finds himself inside a conference room. The man who led him here doesn’t enter the room he just says.

“Commissioner Singer and Chief Duffy are inside waiting for you.”

The two men sit at the far-right corner of a table. There is a projector showing the first slide of the briefing he is to receive. One of the officer’s stands up but Phil has been standing at attention being in the presence of the commissioner.

“At ease officer please come take a seat. Chief Duffy is going to close the blinds to give us some privacy.” The Commissioner walks over to the coffee station while Phil takes his seat.

“How do you take your coffee?” Asks Commissioner Singer.

“One cream, one sugar.” Once beverages are served and the blinds are closed, Chief Duffy begins speaking.

“Officer George it is not very often that we get a class four soldier in our ranks. Most men of that skill level go on to SIA.” Says Duffy. The SIA is short for the Smithtown Intelligence Agency. It is a military outfit of the Smithtown Armed Forces. Most of the men in their ranks were the most elite fighters the settlement has.

“Chief Duffy SIA didn’t appeal to me. I do not wish to fight other people’s wars. I want to help and make a difference. I think I can do that here.” Replies Phil. The Commissioner nods his head in approval.

“You can definitely do that here, Officer your skill and espionage abilities would be a waste as a patrol officer. How would you like to be a Detective with Internal Affairs?”

“No offense Commissioner, everyone even cops hate a rat…”

“Normally yes, but you are different. You have a fame and reputation. A straight-laced lawman to police the cops. Your skill would ensure no one will get the better of you.”

“Sir what would you have me do?” Asks Phil. The Commissioner uses the remote to flip through the slides. The second slide shows a man face down in a ditch.

“This is Gale Waters he was found two days ago. He was some bottom feeder from the Gibson crime syndicate. He used to sell guns, drugs the usual small time shit. Five weeks ago Gale’s mother began receiving 400 gold per week at the same time we noticed large amounts of Red Brass going missing.”

Red Brass is the metal used to make guns with.

“Sir Red Brass is only accessible for gunmakers. The Gunmakers Guild would never risk their contracts with the Sultan for a few thousand gold.

“It was old Red Brass, some of it was missing from evidence room. Then a warehouse in St. James was broken into, there was a stockpile from 20 years ago. We went to inventory some evidence it was by chance the theft was discovered. No sooner that we found the Brass missing, that this piece of shit was found with two slugs to the back of the head.” Says Commissioner Singer.

“Where was the departed found.” Asks Phil writing details onto his notebook.

“He was found in the gutters of Port Jefferson, off cliff road at the edge of the Belle Terre peninsula” Answers Chief Duffy.

“I am going to start by riding to Stony Brook on my way to Port Jeff, have any officers interviewed the Gibson Syndicate?”

“Only Sheriff Grady, we suspect he is in the pocket of the Syndicate, you will find it hard to shake information out of him.”

“Commissioner Singer, if my hands aren’t tied I will have no problem extracting the information I will need. How much autotomy will I be given?” The Commissioner slides a badge across the table, he looks at the logo of the Interior Police.

“Detective George you will have total autotomy. We do not want the Media knowing about the corruption of the armed forces. You are authorized to assassinate, hang or punish anyone, noble or common engaging in this plot. That amount of Red Brass will make 2,000 firearms, we will not have those sold on the black market no matter the cost. If this conspiracy reaches any of the 11 ruling Families you must come to us before you act. They are the only ones you are not allowed to kill; they will be put on trial. That is all Detective you better get riding. Stony Brook is a two-hour ride.”

“Thank you for your confidence Commissioner Singer I won’t let you down.”

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