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It's time to look through my eyes...The eyes of an Empath, The eyes of an old soul, The eyes of an INFJ, The eyes of a warrior, The eyes of an Alpha, The eyes of a Mentor, The eyes of a Teacher, The eyes of a Believer...I have so much to tell that was kept inside for a long time...I have no idea from where to start and when to end, but you know what I will start now and you will understand... This won't be a book with a known number of series, but this time it will be a book that when you read the word: The End...It won't only be its End, but it would be Mine as well...When I'm telling you I'm a teacher not Only for Knowledge But Life as Well...Then, it would be time to meet my creator...The One Who Gave Me All Of This....

Mystery / Humor
Heba Tarek
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Waiting For An Answer

As a dream of being a teacher... Not only for science But Life...I have sent a message to Eduzone in Downtown katameya at Egypt to work as a teacher...Knowing that I have no money for transportation, I'm waiting for whoever has read my message to answer...To agree to the deal I made with him or her...I'll call her a She...Because I feel she IS...The deal was to give me 200 L.E for each day I worked in order to afford transportation as long as she wants until my salary is done...I guess they would be paying me 5000 L.E...Telling her that it's my passion and that I can't spend another vacation on anything but my passion...That without it my soul would die...That I wanted experience in this field so when I get to Be a TA, I would have more experience and would have developed a better way for delivering the knowledge I have in general.

I waited long, but she didn't answer. So I told myself: "Try Again". So I did! And I sent her saying: "Give Me Another Chance!" After my mum has told that I can't take any money from my bank account because I bearly can afford the remaining 3 years of college, pharmacy, MIU and the Bus fees. In addition that I had inflammation in my synovial membrane of the hip joint and he refused to pay me my meds saying that it's my fault and that nobody forced me to do vigorous exercises...I tried to keep myself from crying telling myself that I don't want to be vulnerable having a feeling that the news of money shortage after the argument with him was some sort of fact and happiness that he has somehow got a revenge after telling him that no one would stand by his side and that one germ is enough for the job right after that I think he cursed me...But I don't care because Allah is protecting me...I just know...I just trust him...After praying Ishaa prayer, crying a lot and sneezing as well...To cut it short, telling Allah that I don't know what to do,that I need him and that I don't have enough money But enough will...Tried a lot to hold myself from crying but I couldn't... Until I stopped and went to check my mobile and here was the message: You will be interviewed on next Saturday... I was so happy back then, holding my tears but this time of joy, thanking her, telling her that I prayed for it, that I thank her from all my heart and then asking her would it be 3rd or 8th of August...She saw it but didn't answer from 12:00 am till this hour... And then I was glad to see a post on Facebook announcing a bus service don't remember the name to be honest but I thought it would work but it turned out that it won't.... To cut it short, that at first it felt like that I got half of the glass of water full But suddenly without any previous warning it was empty! And I had to be positive that at least I had a glass of water and that at least I was working hard to refill it again. After finishing my daily goals I was waiting. Sometimes I knew what I was waiting for and other times my heart would tell me that we're waiting for something without telling me what it's... Although I finished, but it felt like I didn't... It felt like something was missing... Of course there was, because till now I'm waiting for my dream to come true after trying my best, I am waiting for Allah to answer my prayers...I'm patient...So here I am WAITING... To Teach!

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