The Fake Smile

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The fake smile, not everyone sees it. The people who do see it, they know what pain feels like. Katerina Radcliffe knows what pain feels like. She's felt it all, verbal, physical, mental, emotional. She knows it all too well. That's thanks to her "perfect" boyfriend, Robert Coldwell. She decides to run from the pain. She has to change her identity. She has to fake her death and become someone else but how long can she last till he finds out?

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1

7 years ago...

“Rob, you know that’s not what I want.” I say looking at the skimpy looking clothing. I would look like a slut in that dress. This is 1984 for crying out loud. I’m not conservative but I’m not slut either.

“You’re going to the party whether you like it or not.” Robert demands. I know exactly how to stand up to Robert and I know how to get my way. I got my here and there but this is no fairytale relationship. It was the exact opposite. I look up at him dead in the eye.

“It’s not like I’m going to talk to your coworkers about business. I don’t even work there. Why do I have to go?” I ask.

“Babe. Please. I bought you clothes!” He says getting more frustrated by the minute. I try not to laugh at his frustration but a giggle slips out of my mouth. I see the look in his eyes. The all too familiar one. He walks over to me and slaps me hard on this face. I wince. I touch my face and feel blood. He walks out of the room.

“Now get ready. I’ll meet you in the car.” He demands. I shut the bedroom door and cry. This is not the relationship I want. I call Starr.

“Hey.” She says.

“Hi.” I say sadly with tears in my eyes.

“Did he do it again?” Starr asks.

“Yeah.” I say. “I wanna leave.”

“I’m coming with you then.” She says. I chuckle at her statement. Robert knows that I take a while to get ready so I should have a lot of time on my hands. I start to pack the life I had with Robert in suitcases. Starr comes in through the back door. She packs me two other suitcases and we’re done in 45 minutes. I call one of our drivers and brings the car out for me.

“Where do you wanna go?” David asks.

“Ocean side city.” I say. Starr is in the car with me and she squeezes my hand. I couldn’t believe I was leaving this town. I never thought I would. Starr planted a note at the bridge that “I jumped off” Robert and I used to go there every Saturday so I know he’ll see it. That’s the way I left my hometown 7 years ago

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