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What will you do if you find out that you were a werewolf? Well this is the case for Olivia Demoné. She was separated from her pack when she was young, she was just a pup. To her mom she was useless, just a runt, but she is more than that. What will happen when she finds out that she is a werewolf? Find out by reading this book.

Mystery / Humor
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Chapter 1

Well, I was wrong. Today is going to be yet another bad day.

My mom had given me craps about something I didn't do.s

My dad is pushing me too hard and my sister is saying I am not exercising.

What am I? A fucking lazy couch potato like you Suzie?

Oi... I swear Suzie gives me the biggest headache.

I was walking over to the living room -after practice and exercise might I add- when I saw my sister on the couch, in the same position as when I went out or practice.

She's not doing what she is supposed to, the number one rule in this house is 'Practice or get left behind in a attack'. I'm not helping her if a attack comes.

She's so lazy.

She looks at me and has a 'Oh shit' expression on her face.

"I just came in to rest Olivia! I promise!" She yells in an attempt to make me believe her lies.

"Oh, bullshit. Turn off the TV and go train." I glare at her, she gets up quickly with tears in her eyes.

"You're so mean! I'm telling dad!" She ran off to my dad.

"Sure you will!" I know she will tell him, but he doesn't care, he was at practice today and saw my sister never comes to training, so she is going to get in trouble.

"Olivia? What happened? Why did Suzie scream?" My mom asks coming out of the kitchen.

"She was lazing in front of the Tv, not training." I sit down and change the channel to a nature documentary on wolves.

"Well then, was dad at practice this time?" My mom looks out of the window, hearing my dad scold Suzie.

"Yeah, now he knows she's never there." I look at my mom with a smile "I'm happy she was 'caught' red handed this time."

My mom laughs as I hold up a pack of spicy tomato flavoured chips that stain your fingers red.

I laugh with.

"Do you feel well dear?" She looks at me.

"Yeah, why do you ask mom?" I look back a bit confused.

"You where screaming yesterday night, I was wondering if you-" she couldn't finish her sentence because my dad burst through the door, my sister following sadly.

"Suzie is grounded to two weeks of extreme training. Olivia, you have off and you can do whatever you want." My dad walked to the kitchen, my sister glaring at me.

"I hate you Olivia!" My sister screams, running to her room.

I sigh and look at my mom "Mom..."

She nods and goes to Suzie's room.

Well that went south quickly.

It's still early morning, so the day could still turn out great.

I heard three gunshots outside.

My dad ran into the living room "Olivia, get your mom and sister. Run away, do not look back, go!"

My dad looked scared out of his mind.

I followed his request as I run upstairs, my heart pounding in fear.

Please let this be one of those drills again.

I enter my mom and sister's room, and I shriek in horror.

My heart feels as if has stopped, my breathing has gotten hard and quick, a ball was forming in my throat and I was at the verge of tears.

The scene I saw in front of me will scar me for life.

My mom was laying there, all bloodied up, her neck non existent, her head is gone and there is a cavity in her chest.

My sister was gone, nowhere to be seen.

I yell as I fall to my knees, I haven't cried this hard in a while.

My head hurts, my breathing is quick and my chest hurts alot.

I start to see spots in the air. I pass out.

The last thing I hear is my dad screaming and a growl-bark.

Please be a dream. Please be a dream. Please be a dream. Please be a dream-

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